How to Buy Good Cigars Online

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jun 30 2020

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How to Buy Good Cigars Online

There is a misconception among newer cigar smokers. Many believe you can't get a great cigar online. They subscribe to the belief that you must see, feel, and smell a cigar in order to adequately judge its quality. This simply is not true but there are a few points to understand before you purchase cigars online.


Reviews are your best friend when you buy cigars online. Cigar lovers are passionate about their hobby, taking great strides to educate and inform the public. Once you find a cigar online you would like to try, there will be hundreds of reviews to compare. Simply read through the ratings to see if it is a brand and type of cigar that you would enjoy. You aren't blindly choosing but seeing hundreds of other experiences before you make a choice.

Check the Inventory

Brick and mortar shops usually stock the most popular and best-selling cigars. Online cigar stores are able to keep double or even triple the inventory that traditional brick and mortar shops can hold. However, not all online stores sell what you're looking for.  Some specialize in certain brands. Others may only sell samplers. No matter what kind or brand of cigar you are looking for, you'll be able to find it online, but you may have to visit more than one site.

Compare Pricing

Conventional stores mark up the cigars they carry to cover the overhead costs of running a store. Things like electricity, rent, warehousing, and advertising all get added onto the price of your cigar. Online stores don't have as many costs to cover. In fact, many employ drop shipping, which sends the product directly from the distributor to you, cutting out all the sundry costs of owning a traditional shop. Online cigars are usually cheaper than traditional shops but prices can still vary between websites. Comparing prices at several online cigar stores can make sure you get the best price.  

These tips for buying cigars online can save you time and money, but they can also ensure you get exactly what you want in a cigar.  Call us today for help in finding the perfect cigar for your lifestyle at a price you'll be proud of.