History's Great Cigar Smokers

Posted by Corona CIgar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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History's Great Cigar Smokers

History is full of great men doing great things. Sometimes when a man does a thing so well his name becomes synonymous with that thing. Everyone knows Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson where great boxers and that Stephen King a bestselling author is. Here are three men whose names are forever idolized in cigar smoking lore.

  • Ernest Hemingway.  Hemingway was not only a Nobel Prize winning author, he was also a fishing guru, a big game hunting guide, a bullfighter, a medic during WWI, and a journalist at D-day during WWII.  Hemingway was great at a lot of things, but he also knew how to enjoy a good smoke.  Some of his most memorable characters are never far from a cigar.  In honor of his many achievements the cigar manufacturer Arturo Fuente named one of their best cigar lines after Hemingway. 
  • Winston Churchill.  Churchill is one of the giants of the 20th century.  He held Great Britain together during the Nazi bombing raids of WWII and helped to steer the Allies to victory.  He was a great statesman, a soldier, and a historian.  Churchill was also famous for smoking cigars all day, every day, from morning till night.  He enjoyed larger sized cigars so much that to this day the cigar industry uses his man to refer to a large cigar. A Churchill is a size of cigar that is traditionally seven inches in length.
  • Mark Twain.  Twain's writings mark the beginning of modern American literature.  This prolific author is one of the most beloved in all of literature.  However, his cigar smoking proficiency may also be as famous as his writing.  Like Churchill, Twain smoked continuously all day.  However, Twain was a bargain shopper.  When asked, he would say his favorite cigar was whatever he could get at a great price.

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