Cigar Freshness: Use a Humidor for Storing

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Feb 14 2017


Cigar Freshness: Use a Humidor for Storing

Nobody likes a stale cigar. Whether you enjoy filtered cigars, little cigars, sweet cigars, or other brand name cigar products; you want your cigars to stay fresh and maintain their exquisite taste. Here is a little information you may not know about the cigar manufacturing process—most cigars are made with tobacco that has been aged for at least two years before rolling. If you are like most cigar lovers, you are looking for the best way to keep your tobacco fresh and tasteful. Here are some tips for you in using a humidor to preserve your cigars.

A cigar humidor is an airtight box used for keeping filtered cigars and other cigar products fresh. This is accomplished through the process of regulating the humidity and keeping the environment the cigars are placed in at room temperature. You may want to have two separate humidors. Why is this? If you want to additionally age your cigars, you will not want the box being constantly opened and closed. You can have one box for cigars you want to age and one box for cigars you are going to smoke in the near future.

Humidors vary in cost. You can buy a basic humidor for around $50. Some people even build very detailed and elaborate walk-in humidors that can cost thousands of dollars. It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a humidor to keep your filtered cigars fresh. The most important thing is that the quality of the air is preserved inside of the humidor so that your cigars remain fresh. This comes with the ability to keep a constant level of temperature and humidity inside the humidor. You want a box that is airtight and well-built.

If you are wondering about the ideal temperature and humidity to keep cigars their freshest, you should maintain a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 64 percent. That is an easy combination to remember. Some people make the mistake of keeping the humidity level too high. You do not want the air too moist. Seventy percent is the ideal humidity level.

One other thing you may be wondering about is whether you should remove the cellophane wrapping from your filtered cigars before placing in the humidor. The answer is no. The added packaging will only serve to further preserve the freshness of the cigar. Also, if you mix different kinds of cigars in the same humidor, the packaging will help you tell them apart. It also serves to prevent mixing the different flavor blends of cigars together.

You can find good deals of cigars from an online cigar store. However, you do not want to spend money buying a lot of cigars without having a way to keep them fresh. A humidor is an excellent way to preserve the freshness of the cigars you buy online. No matter what brand of cigar you prefer, you will want to maintain the quality of the cigar. Contact Us for the best cigar humidor recommendations for you.