Christmas Already?

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Christmas Already?

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It may seem like we just went through all the rigmarole of getting the kids ready for Halloween, as most of us personally witnessed hundreds of Ninja Turtles and Elsa from Frozen costumes pouring into our neighborhoods in the ever gratifying pursuit of tooth decay from tiny, wrapped gooey gobs of chocolaty and caramel goodness.

Yes, it may seem that way. But now it is time to think about who is hosting Thanksgiving, and if it is you: Where are you going to buy a turkey big enough to feed all the relatives from both sides of the family? Is there one big enough? Do you have enough over space? Breath deep and try to relax because Thanksgiving is really simple enough. Feed everyone, keep the television on whatever bad football games happen to be on that day, and have fun taking humiliating pictures of everyone napping after mealtime with a little bit of overfed drool hanging from their open mouths. 

No time to breath after Turkey Day though because the most stressful of all the holiday follows just a month after; Christmas. That's right, deck the halls, jingle the bells, and "Fa la la la la" all the way to a season long ibuprofen dependency for yourself to stave off the stress headaches that are sure to follow from a variety of sources. There's traffic to navigate, overcrowded malls to survive, and of course the everlasting problem of what to get the ones you love for a gift.

Good news to those of you who have cigar lovers in the family though! Corona Cigar Company is an online retailer of premium online cigars that offers everything from quality cigar accessories and humidors to almost any kind of cigar imaginable to cater to the specific tastes of any cigar aficionado out there. Not only that, but they have a wide selection of gift sets, ranging from the very moderately priced to extravagant luxurious smokes for special occasions. They also have the "one ring to rule them all!" Pardon the over-the-top Lord of the Rings reference, but a gift card is available for anybody who maybe isn't quite sure of what gift set, accessory, or other cigar item may be appropriate for their gift recipient.

Do yourself a favor and save yourself at least one stress headache over gift-giving at Christmas time, and seriously research a Corona Cigar gift card for the cigar aficionado in your family. Please contact us today for more information.