Broaden Your Horizons: How Cigar Samplers Will Help You Fall in Love With Something New

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Dec 26 2019

Cigar Samplers

Broaden Your Horizons: How Cigar Samplers Will Help You Fall in Love With Something New

Beginners often ask, "What's the best cigar I can buy?"

For all of our pomp and circumstance in the cigar community—which some might mistake as pretension, but is in actuality just an expression of passion concerning a hobby and lifestyle that we love—there's only one good answer to that question.

The best cigar is, ultimately, the one that you enjoy the most.

Cigars offer a deeply personal, subjective experience. A cigar that you personally find to have the perfect blend of satisfying flavors, calming aromas that delight the senses, and just the right amount of whatever it is that tickles the fancy of your unique palate might be viewed completely differently by someone else.

And that's OK.

(Plus it makes for some lovely, spirited conversations at our many cigar events.)

If you've found that one cigar which, to you, is "the best," then consider yourself lucky. But if you haven't, that's all right too. Some might be loathe to admit it, but the truth is that even seasoned aficionados often still find themselves on the hunt for a cigar that they can truly fall in love with. Maybe their old favorite just isn't doing it for them anymore, or maybe, despite having tried a wide variety of wonderful cigars over the years, they just haven't found that perfect match.

This is completely normal finding "your" cigar is a marathon, not a sprint.

However, there are shortcuts.

The best way to discover new cigars, one of which might be your new personal best, is with our fine collection of cigar samplers.

Spend some time browsing. We carry dozens of different cigar sample packs here at Corona Cigar Company. Since it would probably take you a couple years at least to try them all, the best way to get started is with a simple, effective method.

As you shop, pick a cigar sampler that you know you'll probably enjoy based on your current preferences. Next, pick a second sampler that features cigars with a flavor profile that you've never had before (or haven't given a proper chance). By doing it this way, you'll hedge your bets a bit with the cigars that you already know you'll more than likely enjoy, but you'll also get the opportunity to try something completely different.

For example, if you know you enjoy full-flavored Nicaraguan maduro cigars, go ahead and get a sampler of those. Then go a little wild and pick up something like these absurdly smooth, hand-made Java Latte Especial medium-flavor cigars from dream-team Rocky Patel and Drew Estate.

The point is to shake things up a bit. When you step out of your wheelhouse like this, the worst thing that can happen is that you end up broadening your horizons a bit—and in doing so, you just might find a new favorite. Sometimes the process of finding the cigar that's "the one" for you is by learning which cigars aren't "the one."

Besides, the fun is in the journey, right?

We sincerely look forward to being there with you every step of the way. If there's anything you need, please feel free to contact us today and a member of our expert staff would be more than pleased to assist you.