Acid Cigars: A Departure From the Ordinary

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Apr 6 2017

acid cigars

Acid Cigars: A Departure From the Ordinary

For decades flavored cigars have been disparaged by the cigar-world elite. The very thought of masking beautiful tobacco notes by introducing other flavors is often met with withering disdain, and for good reason. Historically, flavored cigars have been made in three ways: spraying the tobacco leaves with a flavoring liquid (usually extracts or chemical compounds) prior to rolling it, injecting a rolled cigar with flavoring, or by infusing the cigar via atomization. All three of these methods have a tendency to mask the taste of the tobacco itself, and thus lower grade tobacco is often used in these types of preparations.

Since 1999 Jonathan Drew has been doing his damnedest to change the perception of flavored cigars. Using different combinations of natural botanicals, herbs, oils, and premium spirits, he has created a line of ACID Cigars renowned for their complex flavor profiles that range from creamy and sweet to bitter and toasted. In a unique twist on traditional cigar crafting, ACID cigars are made using a combination of tobaccos from multiple countries, ensuring that only the highest quality leaves are rolled into each end product.

No matter what your flavor preference there is likely an ACID cigar that fits the bill. Each one is a solitary experience in taste and bouquet, whether you're a first time cigar smoker or a seasoned aficionado. The process Drew uses to create these one-of-a-kind cigars is a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of people, and rightly so. These are simply the best tasting flavored cigars to be had, and that's a secret worth keeping.

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