5 Tips For Introducing Someone New To Cigar Smoking

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Feb 10 2022

Tips for Cigar Smoking

5 Tips For Introducing Someone New To Cigar Smoking

Taking your date out to the Cigar Lounge for a cigar and a nightcap this Valentine's Day? Here are 5 Tips for Introducing Someone New to Cigars!

Size Matters - For a new smoker, it's probably best not to go with something too large. They'll appreciate a good taste of premium tobacco, but not many hours of commitment.
Construction - Choose a cigar that will draw easily and burn well. Construction is important to ensure that they won't have to worry about relighting or fighting with the draw. A tight ash is also a bonus, we don't want any spills ruining the fun.
Slow & Steady - Remember, we're enjoying a fine cigar here. Pacing between puffs and not overheating the tobacco are important. In between, make sure to stay hydrated and not rush the process. A full meal beforehand is always a good idea.
Strength - Usually, most will recommend a mild smoke, but don't be afraid to take it up to medium. Somewhere in the mild-medium range is a good place to find out what premium cigars taste like, while not knocking them down with something too intense. If flavor-infused cigars are a choice, make sure it's a good one!
Enjoy the Experience - Take time to enjoy the moment, and the time spent together over this new interest. Appreciate the setting, and as the experienced cigar enthusiast, take note to avoid too many do's and don'ts. New smokers may not get it all right the first time, but that's just part of the process. Show them the Ultimate Cigar Experience!

For cigar smokers new or experienced, come down to a Corona Cigar location near you and enjoy the good life! Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help pick the perfect cigar and spirit for your taste!