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Grab Bag Sampler

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While cleaning up, re-stocking and checking inventory of our warehouse we always come across various cigars that for one reason or another we are not stocking anymore. There is not always enough cigars in stock for us to do "box blowout" specials so we put these various closeout cigars in our GRAB BAG SPECIAL.

Each grab bag contains 10 different premium, hand made cigars with a total retail value of over $60 or more.

Take advantage of our move'm out special and grab one today! Brands, sizes, shapes and wrappers will vary, but I promise you will always get more than you paid for.

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Great Purchase, 28th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Jose Ramos

I am not an aficionado. I had tried a couple of Montecristos, several years ago. I was on a medication for a few months. I had a craving for cigars, at that time. I decided to endulge, and i've been trying singles. Needless to say: this grab bag is perfect.

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minor problem with bundle, 3rd Jan 2018

Reviewer: Marques Jenkins

I ordered 2 bundles for my friends christmas this year because Corona always has a great selection of cigars to choose from. I was excited with the choices they selected in the first bundle that I had open. There were 4 cigars that i had been wanting to try included. So far so good, but than I open the second bundle. The second bundle was the exact same as the first. I was confused because the description has stated each bundle was different. So for the price it was a great option, and but not if you buy more than one.

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Great Sampler bundle, 2nd Jan 2018

Reviewer: Fay Stevens

Recently moved from Orlando to TX. Hubby was a big fan of Corona's while home, so I ordered this as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Needless to say he was very pleased! The cigars arrived quickly, securely packed, and not even the slightest stale. Will purchase more products in the near future.

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Great Price, 13th Apr 2017

Reviewer: Selena Wood

You definitely get your money's worth with this grab bag, I picked one up in store and the only one I couldn't find anything on, much less a price was one with a printed paper slip labeled Hookah. I smoked it first since I didn't want the flavored cigar mixing with my stock and it burned like a dream. I've tried 3 more since then and each one was well worth getting the bag and have added to my list of "Worth a Box". Definitely recommend for a beginner who is starting for the first time to get a taste of everything.

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Good Deal, 19th Aug 2015

Reviewer: Dennis Mahonchak

When the Grab Bag package arrived I discovered 4 of the cigars I smoke on regular basis. They were worth the price alone. But it gets better. Also in the package were 2 Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary 7x54 triple barber pole. Dam what a good cigar. So like any good customer I return to the site and ordered a bundle. At a very reasonable price.

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Dragonflyman, 20th Oct 2014

Reviewer: Gary Ludwig

Easy to order online, price is very good and the shipping was timely received and in good shape.

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Love this company, 2nd Mar 2013

Reviewer: Don Bethel

I discovered Corona Cigar on a trip to Orlando a few years ago. I am not an afficionado, so price is important to me. They have great products at great prices. I love the sampler, which I purchase regularly. Ordering on-line is easy. The product ships immediately and arrives in short order. I don't know how they could make the experience any better.

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