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Tatiana Cigarillos Night Cap

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Night Cap - Vanilla over Marcona almonds, Cafe Arabica, and cocoa.

Tatiana Cigars are a hand rolled premium blend of aged tobacco. Rolled with a fine Indonesian wrapper, the Tatiana is a smooth mellow smoke. A special blend of Dominican long filler tobacco is the key to this one-of-a-kind flavored cigar. Known for being the industry leader in flavored cigars, the Tatiana Cigars are the perfect choice when you want to reach for an extra special flavored cigar that won't be overpowering and will please your senses.

Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: Indonesian
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Stale, 10th Jul 2022

Reviewer: Angela Nelson

I bought a case of 5 packs and 3 of the 5 were absolutely horrible. They were beyond stale. So I through them away and bought some locally.

Great!, 25th Jun 2022

Reviewer: Katlin Veitenheimer

I order these as gifts for my husband and he loves cigarillos. He also loves the few cigars that I ordered! Shipping is always on time, if not earlier! I am very please and will be ordering more in the future!

Tatiana Classic Rum, 21st Jun 2022

Reviewer: Michael Boyle

The absolute best of the very best....love,love these!!!

Never knew I'd Enjoy Cigars Until Trying This, 20th May 2020

Reviewer: Calvin Parr

On a whim, I purchased several random cigars from BevMo for a party I was hosting. One being, Tatiana Groovy Blue. I happened to be the lucky person to try this cigar. Instantly, I was pleased with the cigar! My brother had to teach me about cigar smoking, but once I knew what I was doing, oh baby was that cigar great! I went down to BevMo the next day and cleaned them out of their stock. After burning through those, I then I found them online here for a much better price! Been ordering them since! Tatiana knows what they're doing with this cigar. I got my friends hooked on them, too. We've since tried honey, vanilla, and rum. While they are still amazing, nothing tops these Groovy Blue! 10/10, A+!

Sweet Euphoria Great, 6th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Roger Superville

Amazing smoke mild sweet and smooth!

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Vanilla, 6th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Roger Superville

Nice this is my favorite of the Tatianas so far cinnamon also amazing.this is smooth tasty sweet all in all a great smoke!

Chocolate blast, 6th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Roger Superville

Whenever I grab a dunkaccino from Dunkin Donuts i grab these thank me later! Amazin smoke and taste.

Mild and relaxing, 10th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Silvio Kimmel

Just a great all around mild cigar. Great flavor throughout the smoke. Relaxing and always great with a drink no matter where you are at. It’s a away from the traditional heavy tasting cigars that’s why I like them.

La Vita Vanilla, 5th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Holli Massaro

This is, by far, my favorite Cigar. The vanilla flavor is wonderful.

I'm Back..., 5th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Dale Turner

I ordered some more and will continue to do so. My favorite cigar.

Tatiana Cognac Cigars, 23rd Oct 2017

Reviewer: Kevin Krueger

My wife's favorite and you guys always come through by having these in stock. Plus they get here faster than any other site I have ordered cigars from in the past. You definately will get more business from me.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Groovy Blue, 3rd Aug 2017

Reviewer: Phillip Cadle

I love these cigarillos, the only only ones my wife will let me smoke in the house.
Plus Corona has the best price on them that I have found. Keep up the good work guys.

I'll keep ordering them, 31st Jul 2017

Reviewer: Dale Turner

I have purchased these cigars at a smoke shop in Davie, FL and at the Corona location on Sand Lake in Orlando and ordered them on-line and will continue to buy them. I smoke an occasional cigar and these are my favorites (and my wife loves the way they smell). A Scotch in one hand and a LaVita in the other looking out on the lake is my idea of a great time (well maybe some smoked fish dip on a cracker, too). The cigars are mild and flavorful and I like 'em!

Tatiana Rum cigars, 23rd Jul 2017

Reviewer: Roger Spurlock

The Rum Flavored Tatiana are my favorite. The shipping was good, Ordered on Sunday and arrived on Friday. The cigars seem to be a little drier than normal.

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Excellent Cigars and Service!, 25th Jan 2017

Reviewer: Gary Vieira

Great cigars that I have been smoking for over 2 years. Great flavor nice smoke. Definitely recommended for any type of cigar smoker

Honey flavored, 28th Dec 2016

Reviewer: John Weiss

Great cigar at an even better price!

Tatianna Rum Flavor is good, 2nd Jun 2016

Reviewer: Harry Ostrom

A very good cigar, good draw, nice flavor and aroma not overpowering just right

Great Aroma, 27th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Harry Ostrom

This is the 2nd box of honey flavored I have ordered. I just like these for the great Aroma and mildness.

Tried Them All, 16th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Dale Turner

And this one is the best. Corona offered a great price and free shipping over the Fourth and I saved, big time. I'll be back for my favorite cigar.

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Awesome Flavor Mild, 20th Jan 2015

Reviewer: Harry Ostrom

Out of the 3 flavors I have tried, Cherry, Rum Honey..this one is the best so far, they were mild and had a nice aroma....I like them and will order them again.

Taste Like Chocolate, 10th Oct 2014

Reviewer: F.M. Woods

Good cigar creamy smoke but I'd didn't get cognac I got more of chocolate smell and flavor I actually smoked it with a cappuccino.

Nice, 9th Jul 2014

Reviewer: John Ivory

What a good cigar; makes everything alright!

Classic, 9th Jul 2014

Reviewer: John Ivory

Smooth; one of the best......

Good, 9th Jul 2014

Reviewer: John Ivory

Another classic.

Nice, 9th Jul 2014

Reviewer: John Ivory

Anytime smoke!

Awesome, 9th Jul 2014

Reviewer: John Ivory

Flavor - taste one of my favorites with a shot of bourbon. A must have.

Tatiana Euphoria Sweet Cigarillos, 27th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Bob Mah

Just right for a limited time to smoke. Easy draw & smooth. Would order again. Packaged well to preserve freshness.

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