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Cohiba Red Dot

Cohiba Red Dot Miniature Cigarillos Tin

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The Cohiba Red Dot Cigar is a complex, yet balanced smoke. Cohiba cigars combine an African Cameroon wrapper, Jember binder and Dominican fillers to offer a mild, rich tasting smoke without the harsh aftertaste. This is what makes Cohiba one of the most sought after brands.

The name Cohiba is one of the most recognized names in the cigar industry. The problem is that Swedish Match's General Cigar Company and Cuba's Habanos S.A. both claim the right to the name Cohiba. This legal battle over who owns the name Cohiba in America is still being battled in the courts. Currently, Cohibas sold in the U.S. are made in the Dominican Republic by General Cigar Co.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Cameroon
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

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Curtis W, 19th Jan 2021

Reviewer: Curtis Ward

Fresh from the box the cigar had scent of sweet hay and nostalgic barnyard. The stick had a fine grainy feel. The band was easily and seamlessly removed without damage. Upon lighting, the cherry at the foot had a very sweet smell with a hint of cinnamon. When smoked the cigar had a balanced blend of fine tobacco taste with light cocoa and medium cedar notes. There was an underlying creamy smoothness with a hint of caramel. Also detected was a bit of nuts and spiciness. Halfway through I discerned an increase of that Cohiba “cuban” aroma found in indigenous Cuban cigars along with an eventual unfolding hint of tart cherry. The cigar was a rich, but not overly rich, pleasant medium-bodied smoke. The burn was not perfectly even, but there was no canoeing or tunneling. The rare but authentic African Cameroon wrapper hugged the stick closely without unraveling, embracing the Piloto Cubano tobaccos. It was a pleasant experience of a well crafted cigar with well balanced flavors.

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This is my 1st favorite smoke, 11th Oct 2019

Reviewer: Timothy Ziemba

I've had cigars off and on but would not consider myself an "aficionado" by any means. Often my experiences were "good cigar" or "bad cigar". through the years I've come to depend on the fact that if I wanted a good chance at a "good cigar" then spending a little more $$$ on cohiba was the way to go.

Well now I'm getting into smoking regularly (1-2 per day), bought all the equipment. I really like this cigar because it is "well constructed which to me it provides a consistent experience. I'd say it's a medium cigar with great flavor (most cigars are bland by comparison). I like the size which equates to about an hour smoke. I'm not a Churchill type of guy that can sit for 2+ hours so this size is perfect. As Cohiba's go the price point isn't that bad especially by the box and if you find some specials/coupons. I'm a big fan of Cameroon wrapper and Dominican filler in any cigar but Cohiba so far leads the pack and worth paying a little extra for.

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Nice nice nice cigars, 7th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Neal Barnes

Nice and fresh

Dry, 27th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Julius Fears

The red dots were dry upon arrival. Thus, the wrapper flaked 1/2 way into the smoke. I like cohibas, and believe this could have been a good smoke all the way through. Maybe next time.

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Cohiba Red Dot Churchill, 1st Jun 2016

Reviewer: Don Carnosso

It wouldn't be fair to rate these cigars right now since the first box I received was a bad batch of cigars. I'm getting a replacement for them and will review when I get them. By the way customer service was fantastic for this exchange.

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