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Avo Domaine

Avo Domaine Puritos Cigarillos 10 Pack Tin

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Avo Uvezian had a vision ten years ago that he would have a third variety of AVO cigars. Well 1998 was the year that the long awaited AVO Domaine series of cigars finally arrived!

Like all of AVO’s great cigars, the Domaine Series are hand-made in the Dominican Republic by Davidoff, under the direct supervision of Henkie Kellner. The flavor of the AVO Domaine is robust yet smooth, and the quality is unmistakably that of an AVO.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Connecticut Sungrown
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Avo- will never let you down.., 20th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jonathan Kravitz

Of all the AVO cigars in the lineup- the Domaine is my favorite. I am partial to the Torpedo.

This is a true after dinner smoke. With a scotch in hand and great tunes in the background I am in my happy place.

This is a full body cigar that does not disappoint. It is higher than most on the price scale but hey...we work hard and we deserve it.

Treat yourself...trust me on this one..

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