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Tatuaje is a full-bodied Nicaraguan puro created by Pete Johnson and master blender Pepin Garcia who was Cuba’s most respected roller when he left the Island.

Rolled in Miami, Florida by top class Cuban rollers hand selected by Pepin, Tatuaje has complex flavors of earth and coffee highlighted by a cedar undertone and accompanied by a long creamy finish.

Tatuaje has been compared to the best Cuba has to offer, but it is better, and you won’t have to worry about draw problems or getting fakes. With limited numbers your only worry is supply, and Corona Cigar Co. has that supply, so don’t miss out on the best new cigar that lives up to the industry buzz.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Corojo
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

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Hard Draw, 21st Jul 2022

Reviewer: Rosario Sparacio

Petite had a hard draw made the expierisnce unsatisfying. In my unprofessional opinion may have been rolled too tight. Still mild and flavorful Will stick with my usual go to the Novellas.

Great Service And Very Good Smokes, 17th Jul 2022

Reviewer: Brandon Wheless

Giving 4* instead of 5 strictly because the cigars themselves aren't 5*, they are very good and I'll be looking to get a new box here soon to keep on hand, they are box worthy and very few cigars are worthy of that to me. My Padron 1964, 1926, and family Reserve get 5* because they are the best cigars in the world. Full stop. No other brands come all that close. Cheers all. They shipped quickly with humidity control which I appreciated a lot.

Tatuaje Tainos, 7th May 2021

Reviewer: Curtis Ward

The stick pleasantly reminded me of chocolate and fresh summer hay. After ignition, I experienced light leather with a cedar undertone and a hint of espresso bean. There were some pleasant sweet banana notes. It was smooth, earthy, and spicy. It had a genuine old-school “Cubanesque” element that didn't seem contrived. The second third introduced more banana, a roasted nutty character, and some sweet floral with a dry woody finish. There appeared the slightest hints of black cherry and cumin. The retro-hale was smooth and toasty and a French inhale was reminiscent of peanut shells and was a bit cardboardy. The final third sported some dark chocolate and charry oak. The stick was perfectly constructed with tight seams and no major veins. The stick was not too spongy nor too firm. The wrapper of this sleek offering carried a light sheen. The draw was excellent. The burn was a bit uneven but the ash held firm a third of the way through this long, slender cigar. Plumes of aromatic smoke left the sweet scent of banana in my beard. This boutique cigar was superb. I loved the banana and cedar undertones. This is one of my favorites.

Tatuaje Tainos, 7th May 2021

Reviewer: Curtis Ward

This cigar was absolutely excellent! It was loaded with complex flavor but not overly strong. It is one of the few cigars that are truly "Cubanesque", reminiscent of the old Cubans. Another that fits the old Cubanesque category is the Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru. Of course, nothing can replicate the true Cuban flavor and the Cuban zing, but these two come the closest. Some have tried to make their cigars taste Cuban and I can detect that, however, it also somehow seems contrived. The two cigars I just mentioned smacks of genuineness.

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Excellent All Around, 13th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Ashley Byrd

Easy, user friendly interface to purchase an excellent cigar and a discount code was included too. I can’t say enough good things.

Tatuaje TAA 2018, 10th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Curtis Cameron

Tatauje TAA line has always made great cigars. This one falls right in line with rest. It has the bold and full flavors known for by the line. The sizes is robusto which is the only thing different. The size does seem to give the cigar more bold flavor and slower burn.

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Tatuaje TAA cigars are amazing like always, 6th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Jesse Kats

Great cigar

Mellow and relaxing, 17th May 2018

Reviewer: Fernando Abaco

The skinny monster Chuck is a relaxing cigar. Great for the early evening after dinner. I would reccomend it.

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Older Monte Cristo No. 4, equal or better than, 14th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Michael Nelson

You read that right, this is as good, if not better than a Cuban Monte Cristo No. 4 from the mid '90's up until about 2008. Pete Johnson w/ the master touch of Don 'Pepin" Garcia (My Father cigars) has delivered a true standout in the petit corona/noella vitola of domestic USA cigars. Tried a few from different stores before deciding to get a few boxes to lay up. If you ever smoked a MC No. 4 previously this will bring back those memories of how fantastic those older era cuban cigars were. Excellent construction, burn, flavor, aroma and these are made with aged tobacco by master rollers, done by hand. They don't look "perfect" but at this price, its all about the smoking experience. A perfect post breakfast, or coffee break, or walk the dog at sunset smoke. Affordable enough to be a daily! Worth checking out, don't overlook it.
Have smoked premium cigars since the early 1990's and this is a hidden gem.

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Simply the best, 20th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Elliot Ghigliotty

I am extremely pleased with my purchase, amazed by how fast I received my cigars and how easy it was to complete the transaction. Well done!!

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