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Padron Family Reserve

Padron No. 45 Reserve Maduro Single Cigar


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It's no wonder that these cigars consistently get rated with 90+ ratings and land on the top of everyone's Best Cigar list! Padron Family Reserve cigars are among the finest cigars ever made by Padron, or anybody. Whether you're looking for that special celebratory cigar, or can afford the luxury of a super premium on a regular basis, this is it. Made to commemorate Padron's many years of success, Padron Family Reserve cigars employ a blend of all-Nicaraguan tobaccos aged a full 10 years. While clearly full in strength, they are nonetheless incredibly smooth and well-balanced, owing to the extensive aging process.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Padron de Execelante, 27th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

In keeping with the "five stogie" rating against in-brand sticks
One Stogie = Great Cigar at half the price, at any price
Two Stogie = In line with price, at any price
Three Stogie = Punches up to next price class / quality class at any price
Four Stogie = Obviously Elite at any price
Five Stogie = The old Friend

Just finished the half time and have to adimt that the 1964 85th is a splash, amazing in it consistency (big surprise)

The larger point is that this 1964 is what was modeled for the 50th anniversary and it kicks that *ass

If you want the full and complete Padron experience for $21 you have it here. A masterpiece. I can't devote O'l friend status but can go 4 Stogie, complete ecellence and five star / six star loving enjoyability. Next stop in greateness 5 Stogie please see 1926 40th year review.

Smoke on, Scott

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99* rated In my opinion, 21st Feb 2019

Reviewer: Brach Marker

Super lavish smoke and my Favorite our of all Padron smokes. Excellent draw with a controlled punch deep in the cap. I don’t like to trim a Padron because of the single cap, and chance the unraveling of a super premium cigar. Rich, bold, and tons of cedar. This is a mans, man cigar after a steak dinner smoke. Capturing all that Cuban seed, and true niguraguan binder, filler, and wrapper has to offer! The reserve Serie being aged 10 years is exquisite to your palette. Love to let my cigars sit and get a much colder draw and the flavors become more layered then a hot draw. Excellent smoke with a good Cabernet. I had this stick with a glass of Caymus, and also the following day with some dark Ethiopian coffee. Talk about pairing a cigar to make this even more complex. The Caymus wine was superb pairing with this literally perfect Padron Family reserve stick! Buy one now and no need to age any further.

Padron 44 Reserve v. Padron 50th, 4th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

Ok, quick one here. If you Padron then you know the over $15 1926 No. 90, 1964 Torpedo / Exclusivo series, both are 4 Stogie Premier Cigars (elite at any price). This Padron 44 almost blends the 26 Sun with the 64 Torp. I have almost yet had a Padron the falls under four stogies... 4/5 Stars and this is no exception. The Padron 50th, for the money, falls short of this massive plume bearing island bonanza. Hit the islands with confidence - Padron wins again.

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Padron Family Reserves are SPECIAL, 9th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Scott Councill

I absolute love the Family Reserve line. These 50's are better than the 1964's I go to, and better than most of the 1926's. You can't go wrong with these if you like many Padron's. Great smoke, and these are priced very favorably at Corona.

How can a cigar get better?, 17th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Jeffrey David Gallant

Have only smoked cigars for just over four years. I have smoked a lot of 88 to 92 rated cigars. First, I have never smoked a Padron cigar that was anything less that great. However, this 85 Family reserve is off the charts. It is so good that I was. Stunned! Perfect construction, lots of easy to draw smoke, but the flavor and level of intensity thereof is like nothing I have ever had. Clearly in its own class of excellence! Kudos to Corona for consistent great and rapid service. Thank you!

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85s, 2nd Oct 2014

Reviewer: Keith Reardon

These are my favorite cigar in the Padron family and my favorite cigar overall. These are a must buy for anyone who enjoys cigars.

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