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Padron Anniversary 1964

Padron 1964 Principe Natural Single Cigar


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The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series™ line was introduced in 1994 to commemorate the Padron company’s 30th anniversary. Since that time, the Padron Anniversary line of cigars have been one of the most sought after cigars in the world.

Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars are available in ten different sizes and available in both natural and maduro wrappers. All the tobacco used in this limited production cigar is aged for a minimum of four years, creating a smooth and complex flavor.

In honor of the age-old Cuban tradition of box pressing cigars, the 1964 Anniversary line was introduced as a box-pressed series.

The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series™ cigar is consistently ranked by industry experts as one of the top brands in the world. In fact, the Padron 1964 Anniversary line of cigars has scored more 90+ cigar ratings than any other cigar in the world.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Natural
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Money well spent, 26th Jun 2022

Reviewer: Stephen Reid

Consistency from the first draw to the last cigar in the box!!!
Padron what else can I say. Nobody delivers like Padron

Best cigars in the world are Padrons, 22nd Jun 2022

Reviewer: Hugh Gillen

I keep having a new favorite everytime I try another Padron! This is my current "favorite" (of my 5 favorites). And by the way, all 5 are Padrons!
Between this, the Torpedo, the Soberano, the Superior and the No. 4 (honorable mention to the Principe), these are mild and strong, smooth and bold, and the consistency is second to none. Senor Padron is in the right business! Did I mention I like these?
FYI.....Corona is 5 stars also....never missed an order, never get it wrong, always on time and exactly what I ordered.

Finally! Again., 23rd Sep 2021

Reviewer: William Deutsch

I’ve thought I’d found the perfect cigar many times. Most importantly for me is the construction. What good is a cigar that satisfies my palate if it’s draw is too tight, if I have to extract ‘veiny leaves’ in order to get a decent puff?
So far, the Padron 1964 Imperial Maduro seems to fit the bill. Exhaling through my nose, I get the ‘rush’ I’m looking for.
Here’s hoping I can end my search and stick with this Imperial stick.

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Excellent Cigar, 19th Mar 2021

Reviewer: Steven Moon

Padron 64 Imperial Maduro is the best cigar I have ever smoked! Perfect size, draw is great every time, sharp burn and the smoothest flavor. I’ve enjoyed many Padrons.. They are all great but this one is outstanding. My go to cigar.

So so good, 11th Dec 2020

Reviewer: Ryan Frost

Maybe the best I've had. Every detail accounted for: flavor, draw, complex but smooth... Just so damn good. Worth every penny.

Wanted more from this 1964 Maduro corona, 11th Jul 2020

Reviewer: Jeff Thomas

Well constructed, easy draw, medium to full flavor and razor sharp burn. My pallet picked up only a strong leathery harsh tobacco flavor and after taste. I wanted more and expected more but it came up short. I have another and hope some time in the humidor will bring out some complex flavors. I’ve smoked others with a larger ring gage and was well satisfied.

92*, 21st Feb 2019

Reviewer: Brach Marker

This cigar is my go too if I want a super leather aroma and flavor. Excellent paired with gentalmen Jack and some ice. Strong yet smooth smoke. Cedar, and oak flavor on the palette, with a long wood after taste. Perfect razor sharp burn. These are a great value cigar for Padron cigars. Literally always keep 2 in the humidor and try to let them sit in my humidor longer unpackaged. I prefer a much higher humidity for a slower burn and colder 74-75% humidity. Thank you Padron!!

The ONE, 11th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Vince D'Aprile

In a word - Magnificent !!!
If any person ... any “pedestrian” ... who never smokes or who ever smoked more a one in their lifetime ... it would only be appropriate that this Masterpiece be the one.
The quintessential “Cigar”.
In Webster’s ... under cigars ...
THIS !!!

Great place, great cigars, 25th Jul 2018

Reviewer: David Knox

I have ordered 35 boxes of Padron Anniversary cigars over the years. Always good service and the best cigars.

The Apex of Greatness for Padron!, 6th Jan 2018

Reviewer: Jeffrey David Gallant

Have tried most of the Padron best cigars but this cigar is the end of my search! I cannot imagine how any cigar could be better from light to finish. Style, construction, taste and richness is simply unequaled. This is the crown jewel in my estimation. Corona service with speedy delivery and product freshness is the high standard Corona lives up to. Magnificent cigar, the very best a cigar can be!

Best, 18th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Rosemarie Langella

I bought these cigars for the first time for my brother back in July 2017. He said they were the 'Best' cigars he's ever smoked. So I am a returning customer and he's getting another box for Christmas! Thank you, Corona Cigars.

1964 Anniversary Padron, 5th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Marcia Millman

Great cigar from an even better cigar company. Excellent service where the Customer is always put first!

Best cigar ever, 14th Jul 2016

Reviewer: David Knox

Corona Cigar carries great cigars and offers excellent customer service.

Full bodied, 24th Jun 2016

Reviewer: LEW Russo

As advertised, the Padron 1964's are full bodied with a great aroma while smoking, especially with a glass or two of a nice Porto wine. The only shortcoming was not with the cigar, but with the fact that they came to me very dry. Not quite what I expected from Corona. But an enjoyable smoke non the less.

Excellant, 15th Sep 2015

Reviewer: Michael Guardino

This was the first time that I have ordered from this company. The cigars came within a few days, shipping was free because I ordered over $50.00, the cigars were perfect and the price was the best that I found online. Very Happy!!!

Best in the USA, 27th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Anthony Kendrick

These cigars are of excellent quality and Corona Cigar Co. has the best humidor in the USA. The cigars are perfectly preserved and packed with a moistening pillow to keep them perfect. With free shipping you cannot go wrong with Corona Cigar Company. Never a disappointment.

Order was great!, 4th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Russell Wilson

I received my order on time, packaged very nicely, AND with three extra cigars for me to sample! I've told several friends already how great the service has been (both in store and mail order).

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