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The Macanudo line of cigars is known for its smoothness and consistency, while at the same time offering different tastes to please every palate. Macanudo Gold Label cigars use rare golden colored Connecticut Shade wrapper leaves to create a distinctive, new taste for premium cigar smokers.

Handcrafted with wrapper leaves from the first and second primings of Macanudo's specially grown Connecticut Shade crop, Macanudo Gold Label cigars are blessed with a natural sweetness.

The wrappers are elegantly thin, yet remarkably supple with fine veins. Their texture is especially smooth. "Capa Especial" is the Spanish term for this wrapper of uncommon taste which, when combined with filler and binder tobacco of complementary character, results in a cigar that lives up to the tradition of quality that is Macanudo.

Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Connecticut
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Great cigar and price, 13th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Mike Lacer

Really smooth,nice flavor,and aroma.

Hampton Court Macanudo Gold, 9th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Paul Mcdonough

Nice cigar. Mild and sweet. Great with coffee in the morning or with a beer at night.

Hampton Court Gold Macanudo, 23rd Mar 2015

Reviewer: Paul Mcdonough

Nice smooth, sweet flavor. Goes well with café in the morning or a beer at night.

Smooth Quality, 27th Oct 2014

Reviewer: Bryan Heller

Very smooth quality. Not too ashy. Easy smoke with a crisp, light, clean taste. A little more flavor about half way through. I will be buying these again.

Stand By, 5th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Steven Medeiros

Good smoke.great everyday stick . Always a good stand by.

Good smoke, 11th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Don Hebert

Just what you'd expect from a Macanudo- mild and smooth. Excellent retrohale! I would recommend to newbies and experienced smokers alike.

Good cigar, 8th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Michael Credere

The great thing about the Macanudo brand is that it can be trusted. Typically you're not going to spend the money on any of their cigars and be disappointed. When I was baby cigar smoker I would have raved about this stick, but now I want something a little more hearty, or complex. This is great stick overall - smooth and creamy.

Smooth, 7th Aug 2013

Reviewer: JEFF COHAN

It is a great early day or Golf cigar. A mild blend of sweet Connecticut tobacco. If you want full bodied look elsewhere. If you want a consistent smooth cigar, Look no farther.

Solid Mild Smoke, 27th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Mike Cappello

This shakespeare was the first macanudo I've ever had. I mostly enjoy full flavor cigars so going in I was a little skeptical due to the lighter connecticut style wrapper. However, even though it was mild it still had a solid flavor. It had consistency and smoothness throughout. It's a quality smoke and would be enjoyed more by somebody that prefers a lighter and milder cigar.

Really smooth, great quality smoke, 23rd Jul 2013

Reviewer: Gary Robinson

What a 'gar!!! Very smooth, even burning and constructed cigar. I smoked right through to the end without major taste issues. Would recommend!!!!!!

Smooth Smoke, 12th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Charles Koch

Great smoke for the evening walk. Mostly even burn and great flavor. - Charlie Kcoh

Good cigar - Macanudo Gold Label, 30th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Len Pinelli

Macanudos are a good quality cigar. This particular one had a mild but also had a full flavor. It had a an even burn all the way to the stub and a good draw. This cigar is a great choice for the beginner or a novice that appreciates a great, mild cigar!

Nice Smoke, 29th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Steven Medeiros

Always dependable,good smoke, highly recommended,always have a few in the humidor.

A Good Newbie Cigar, 28th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Michael DiPlacido

The first few draws of this cigar left a very interesting cedar aftertaste, which did not continue past that point. It quickly settled into a pleasant, mild smoke, with notes of cedar and toast throughout, and a chewy, velvety smoke. Draw was moderately open, burn was razor sharp, and the ash was somewhat lose, but held on well. As the cigar progressed, it became a bit more robust in each succeeding third. A good starter cigar. I used to love Connecticut Shades, but now prefer the bolder, more complex smokes.

Art Biringer, 27th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Arthur Biringer

Great cigar for the novice just starting out. Mild but full of flavor. Wonderful as that first cigar of the day. Perfect with your morning coffee. Good draw and even burn.

Macanudo Gold Leaf, 26th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Henry Albers

There is a reason Macanudo is the best selling cigar in America, the mildness, consistency, and smoothness of their cigars is unrivaled. Macanudos are a good smoke at the beginning of the day or with a lite meal. These cigars appeal to mostly new and occasional smokers for these reasons. That being said most smokers who have been at it for a while and with some regularity would probably prefer something more flavor and intensity.


Reviewer: Gary Deeb


Great value, 14th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Greg Salm

I always try to have some of these cigars on hand but unfortunately they're not always available. The fact that they were offered by Corona at such a reasonable price made it a no brainer to make this purchase. Great cigars at a great price!

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