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FSG Farm Roll Robusto Single Cigar


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FSG Farm Roll Robusto (5" x 50) feature tobacco grown on our Florida Sun Grown Farm in Clermont, FL. The unique tobacco has been carefully cured in the barn, then aged in specially selected Bourbon Barrels for a full year. The final product is 100% Pure FSG Tobacco - we’re talking wrapper, binder, & filler! Whether you’re an FSG fanatic, or just looking to try some new & unique tobacco, we guarantee that FSG Farm Rolls are like nothing you’ve ever had before! #SmokeFSG

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Incredible Cigar, 29th Nov 2021

Reviewer: Guy McCardle

One of the most enjoyable cigars I've ever smoked. The burn was perfect, with tons of thick smoke and muted tones of leather earth. I'd call it medium strength. Not overpowering, just enjoyable. Reminds me of the ones that were hand-rolled for us at the Clermont Barn Smoker. A must try.

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Excellent, 26th Feb 2021

Reviewer: Chris DellErba

This is a very unique cigar. Ordered a single with my last purchase just to try it. I wasn’t expecting much but holy cow is it good. Very unique, rustic, great earthy and mineral flavor with lots of citrus mixed in. Bravo!

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