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Avo Heritage Churchill Single Cigar - ORIGINAL


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The new Avo Heritage Chruchill Single Cigar is the result of this incredible collaboration, and celebrates the heritage of the many talented farmers, blenders and rollers who have contributed their legacy and passion into the making of this cigar.

The Avo Heritage Chruchill Single Cigar is blended to reflect the cigars from an earlier generation - medium to full in body and strength with deep, spicy undertones, rich complexity and balanced palate stimulation from beginning to end.

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Avo Heritage Toro, 22nd Feb 2019

Reviewer: Talmage Dillon

I drank a Guiness Draught Stout while smoking this Heritage Toro and as always each complimented the other.
Unlike the other AVOs I have smoked this Heritage Toro had a dark wrapper, more brown than tan. Indicative of a stronger taste. And, although mild, it was slightly stronger than the classic AVOs. The only difference I can discern between this Heritage Toro and the Classics is the darker color of the wrapper and slightly stronger taste.
It had a firm feel and a light aroma before being lit. Once lit, it had a smooth draw and the mouth feel was superb.
Aroma and flavor are difficult to describe. The best description that I can come up with is that when I exhaled through my nose I sensed a sweet flavor and aroma.
Like ever AVO I have ever smoked it is well-constructed. It had a consistently firm texture throughout its body. It burned uniformly and held a long ash. It did not need to be relit during the time I was smoking it. The last puff was as enjoyable as the first.
To me the most important factor in evaluating a cigar is also the most subjective. This smoke was a good experience. The strength blended with all other factors to cause me to feel relaxed and a little sedated when I finish it. What more can you ask for from a cigar?

Excellent Cigar, 5th Jan 2014

Reviewer: William Hamilton

It's cold outside so I opted for the Avo Short Torpedo with a stout hot coffee. Prelight was lite pepper and musty leather. Usual perfect construction with easy draw and big smoke. Dark oily wrapper with firm feel.
First third was spice and leather. Going to second third flavors budded w/carmel and nuts with lite creme. Strength intensified some but stick stayed smooth and balanced. Mid leaning to full taste. Great aroma. Last third was the best with cocoa coming on to add an extra flavor and the spicy pepper has totally faded. Not like the other lighter Avo's I've had. MUCH BETTER!
A real 90+ smoke in every way. Try one (or several).

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