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Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Exquisitos Maduro Single Cigar


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The Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Maduro Single Cigar is a smooth, full flavored and has been rated to be some of the best smokes the Dominican Republic has ever produced. Fire up one these cigars and experience what a true time honored classic Arturo Fuente cigars have become.

Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

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Great Selection, 18th Dec 2021

Reviewer: Jimmy Vinson

Great selection, quality and service. Corona Cigar Company is my go to for getting good smokes here in South Alabama.

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A. Fuente 858 Gran Reserva Claro, 19th Mar 2021

Reviewer: Nathan Johnson

A milder cigar full of flavor. The candela wrapper makes it a little spicy and complex, and the flavor is plentiful without overpowering or leaving too strong of an after taste.
I am new to the hobby and this is the first box I have ever finished on my own; I enjoyed every single cigar. The quality shows from the packaging and the presentation, as well as the consistency in rolls.
I enjoyed these so much I am ordering Churchill this time.
Thank you to Corona for working with me on availability and responding quickly via customer service. Free shipping is always appreciated!

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The Calm Conversational Steak and VSOP Dinner Cigar, 27th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

Traveled to NC to eat at Angus Barn (5 Stogie Restaurant) with collegues and brought a few from Dallas to enhance a business conversation.

I shall embrace Mr. VanValkenburg while evoking my grading scale
One Stogie = Great Cigar at half the price, at any price
Two Stogie = In line with price, at any price
Three Stogie = Punches up to next price class / quality class at any price
Four Stogie = Obviously Elite at any price
Five Stogie = The old Friend

AF GR Maduro - comparing to Fuente Fuente Opus, Lost City, and cross spectrum Maduro is simply a chocolaty precision stick worthy of ... literally ... and hour and a half of your time, and time among friends. it will not overwhelm, discourage new stogie lovers or interfere with your meal. In fact, before dinner (break), relight then over a steak (break) relight, dessert... Relight and VSOP to finish the nub- this Cigar will please just about anyone.

AF GR Reserve is a Three Stogie Four Star Cigar. This big boy could hang with much more expensive, pallet experienced, stogies. Give one try and buy one for a long and enjoyable conversation.

Stars are enjoyabiltiy tags only for me - so Smoke on

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Great taste and as always reliable, 15th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Catalino Reyes Santiago

Great taste, good estetics, excellent price and service. This cigar has become my nightly delight very fast.

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It is what it is, 21st Oct 2018

Reviewer: Steven VanValkenburg

Typical excellence from Arturo Fuente. Nice oily dark chocolate wrapper. Draw is very good. No relights and sharp burn. Strength is medium from start to finish. Flavor is not what I would call complex. Semi sweet Dark cocoa and nutty, wheatiness at start until halfway then mellow dark earthiness starts to come in.
Never gets harsh just stays mellow to the end.
Excellent cigar, especially at Coronas price and fast shipping. I have had and enjoyed the Camaroon version more sweetness and less heavyness.

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Corona Cigar Co. Never Disappoints, 1st Jun 2018

Reviewer: Alexander Graeg

Since leaving Florida (and painfully tearing myself away from Corona Cigar Co., Lake Mary) Corona Cigar Company's online shop has been my go to source for cigars. The availability and customer service is always extraordinary.

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Amazing service!, 27th May 2015

Reviewer: Hollan Fenner

My order came fast as usual and packed very well. Been shopping here for years and will continue to do so! :)

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Always awesome!, 19th Nov 2014

Reviewer: Hollan Fenner

I set up notifications, they come in, I buy cigars. So easy it's a little scary! LOL Love this place! Great customer service.

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Fuente 858 Sun Grown cigars, 26th Nov 2013

Reviewer: Hollan Fenner

Amazed at the great price and super fast shipping. I smoke this cigar almost everyday so finding them here was a real treat!

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As always a great experience!, 30th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Hollan Fenner

Cigars were rare and the prices were awesome! Came fast with an little surpise included. First class all the way!

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