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Padron Anniversary 1964

Padron Assorted Natural Cigar Sampler


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The Padron family can be credited with putting Nicaragua on the list of countries that produce truly superior cigars. Padron cigars are one of the highest rated and most sought-after cigars in the world.

Only using Cuban-seed tobaccos aged more then 2 1/2 years this medium to full-bodied cigars are a fantastic value.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Natural
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Good cigar, 10th Apr 2022

Reviewer: Shawn Calhoun

I really like these cigars. They are dependable with their taste, draw, and burn.
And, for Padron, they are reasonably priced too.

First time buyer, 8th Apr 2022

Reviewer: Larry Bell

Outstanding smoke. Easy draw. Clean burn. Good taste.

The Cigar you keep going back to......, 5th Nov 2020

Reviewer: Arthur Varady

I have been enjoying Cigars for the past 30 something years and at any given time a box or two of the Padron 3000 Maduro and 3000 Naturals are always in the Humidor and when I start getting low I get panickee, pretty sad isn’t it but hay thay are my go to Cigar. Padron started there craft the year of my birthday 1964 and to me that’s OK. Give this line up of the Thousand series Padrons a try you will keep coming back again and again no doubt.

Great Buy, 23rd Jan 2019

Reviewer: Michael Schneider

Second time I have purchased Padron, and was very pleased. One of the best cigars I have purchased, and it is a great price.

Great Service, 20th May 2018

Reviewer: Cherrie Holden

An excellent cigar with a well executed buying and delivery process. Thanks,

This is The Size to Buy: 6.5 x 54!, 19th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Jeffrey David Gallant

Padron for 8 bucks? Tremendous cigar for cellar price. Can’t say enough about Padron but this classy, rewarding, and multi-flavored cigar is a reward after about an inch or less of ash. Take your time and don’t smoke it hot, savor this stick and you will be rewarded. I’ll never be without at least five in my humidor! Wonderful cigar!

A good morning smoke, 29th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Richard Schulz

I usually smoke the padron 2000 M but have begun rotating this cigar in as well. It makes for a good change of pace, particularly in the morning when I'm not looking for something quite as full as the 2000M.


Reviewer: Richard Schulz

I have tried about every cigar on the market, to include numerous cubans. This is my favorite, hands down. Even burn, full flavor.

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Love Padron!, 9th Feb 2017

Reviewer: Travis Johnson

I have smoked nearly every Padron in their line and enjoy them all. My first cigar ever was a Padron 64 Anniversary, and even though I did not appreciate all of its flavors at the time, it set a standard that spoiled me against most other cigars out there. I have only smoked a few hundred cigars in the last 7 years or so, and from many different brands, but keep coming back to Padron. Only recently did I order and smoke the thousand series (3000) and wow, the best bang for the buck, not only for the Padron line, but for all cigars in this price range. And combined with the excellent service from Corona Cigar Co it just makes the smoke that much better. Whether you're a beginning smoker or seasoned pro please do yourself a favor and smoke as many Padrons as you can and I know you will not be disappointed!

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Corona Cigar Co., 17th Aug 2015

Reviewer: Steven Zufelt

The cigars I have perched were great. One cannot go wrong with Pardon Cigars. What I really wanted to talk about is the excellent service from CORONA Cigar Co. Corona leaves all other email Cigar Co. way behind. The prices are great, my order is processed within a few hours and sent out for distribution. At no cost, my cigars are sent to me "three day priority" delivery." The cigars arrive appropriately packaged, in perfect condition. I have never been more satisfied with a service provider. Thank You, I recommend that all reading this, simply cancel any other cigar company and reward Corona Cigar Co. with our exclusive business.

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As Expected, 10th Sep 2014

Reviewer: Edward Cornett

Padron 5000 is a great stick for the price. Arrived timely and in excellent condition via well packed shipping. Go nowhere else for Padron's except Corona Cigar Co.

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Best bang for your buck, 5th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jason Rudolph

This is my "go to" cigar for any day of the week. This is by far the best "everyday" cigar in the store. You get an amazing smoke, great quality, and all at a low price. If you have never tried a Padron cigar then this is the place to start. It only gets better as you climb up their different brands!

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