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Natural by Drew Estate

Natural Cigars Sampler - Box of 6

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Sample the best that Natural has to offer! Six delicious Natural cigars for only $32.00! Makes a great gift for a cigar smoker who likes a non-traditional flavored cigar.

Strength: Various
Wrapper: Various
Origin: Nicaragua

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Larutan English - what to expect, 18th Nov 2020

Reviewer: Bryan Lumpkins

Not quite "natural" hence the play on the name. Not infused, but similar. Coated in something sweet for your lips, think chocolate dum dum. Aroma is incredible, dark yet sweet, "granddad's pipe" aroma. Smoke is so smooth you barely feel the draw. But dont expect much mouth flavor, mild at best. The aroma and sugary coating is the key to this smoke. Burn, ash, draw, etc is perfectly engineered - to the point of it not feeling "Natural" hence the backward spelling (larutan). Cant even mess up the cut due to the cap being 1/2" long. Perfect for what it is, which is somewhere between a darker mild smoke and an infused aroma bomb. No aftertaste, no harshness, can smoke it fast without penalty (which is good on a cold day, but dont expect it to warm you up). Nicotine fix, check. Ive only had one, and ive only smoked 78 different blends.

Daughter and I love the Juicy Lucy, 7th Oct 2018

Reviewer: John Lendo

My daughter is a senior at college and she loves cigars. She took a few of my Juicy Lucy's from my humidor one day as a quick smoke with her friends. She loved it, and now she has her own stash. These little cigars are great for a quick 15 minute smoke while at an event, etc. They have just the right flavor, and smoke. We will always have a dozen or more on hand.

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Excellent Flavored Cigar, 22nd Sep 2018

Reviewer: Robert Willits

These Acid Dirt's are my favorite flavored cigar. They aren't too big, have a great draw and have a sweet oil that lingers on your lips when you smoke it.

If you have never smoked an Acid, I highly recommend this as your starter.

Corona service was also excellent. They arrived in a few days and were well packed.

Natural Maduro Egg, 23rd Apr 2018

Reviewer: Derrick Williams

Amazing cigar! Great flavor and aroma, perfect cigar to relax and smoke on a rainy day. I will definitely buy more!

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Dirt Torpedo Review, 23rd Jul 2013

Reviewer: Henry Albers

These cigars are different but in a good way. You can taste the tea that some of the tobacco is cured with in the flavor of these stogies. There was also a slight Chocolate taste but as opposed to the other Acids there was little sweetness. I've never had a poorly constructed cigar from Drew Estates, and this is no exception.

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Natural Dirt Torpedo, 17th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Juliane Beck

A great cigar! It has undertones of dark chocolate that go great with a glass of red wine and/or any beverage of your choice. Nice smell too. My husband's favorite.

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