Lucky 7 Cigar Sampler - Corona Cigar Co.

Lucky 7 Cigar Sampler

$65.00 $24.95

For only $24.95 you can get an assortment of 7 cigars available only at Corona Cigar Co. The Lucky 7 Sampler includes:

1 - Corona Ranchero
1 - Intensa
1 - Boris 11
1 - Corona 10th Anniversary Dominican Tres Capa
1 - Corona Nicaraguan 20th Anniversary
1 - Corona Gold
1 - Cielo

* Cigars & sizes may vary due to inventory*

Customer Reviews

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You get what you pay for, 20th Feb 2020

Reviewer: Shone Temples

I haven't smoked the Corona brand cigars yet but wasn't impressed with the others. The van 22 was ok at best and it was the best of the non corona brands.

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Pricing, 11th May 2015

Reviewer: Marlon Sulph

Great price for for the high quality cigars.

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Good Buy!, 9th Oct 2014

Reviewer: John Sikes

I actually order this sampler to get the free shipping... It looked good and I'd rather pay for cigars than postage. Very pleased! I still have the Cielo, Raider & 10th Anniversary in my humidor but it's already worth the money. Thanks Corona!

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