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Coffee Break Sampler

$50.00 $19.95

Time for a Break?

With our exclusive Coffee Break Sampler you will experience an invigorating infusion of relaxing tastes and aromas reminiscent of that perfect time of the day where relaxation is king...
Break Time!

Our Coffee Break Sampler includes:

5 Corona Flavors Cappucino

5 Corona Flavors Chocolate

That’s 10 cigars for the low price of
only $19.95.

So clock out and order yours today.
You deserve a break!

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Great Sampler, 12th Apr 2022

Reviewer: David Skipper

I purchased this sampler a couple years ago and don't make an order without it. These I got figuring it would pair with my coffee and Guinness and they do. These (chocolate and cappuccino) flavors are on point.
I have used these to introduce cigars to buddies and family members with good success. I travel with these and around lunchtime or evening, cut, light and relax.
The notes are self explanatory; if you prefer a note of sweet cappuccino or cocoa to pair with a beverage or just to light a stick, then these Corona sized beauties are a good fit.

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Great little smoke, 14th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

Great for a quick smoke, good draw, nicely flavored. For the price, excellent.

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WOW, 31st Dec 2018

Reviewer: Jesse Rudd

This pack was great. 2 of the cigars were not usable. One of the Cappuccino's was split down the middle. It was wrapped this way, no tears in the plastic wrapper. The other was a chocolate. It had a large piece of stem down the middle, couldn't even keep it lit. Other than that they were great!

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Made My Morning, 25th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Robert Ross

The Coffee Break Sampler is a great companion to your favorite coffee. I ordered on a whim and I am so glad I did. My only issue with this Sampler is that I only ordered one.

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Very Good, 25th Aug 2015

Reviewer: David M. Nelson

Both flavors in this sampler were very flavorful but the draw on each of them was quite hard.

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Excellent1, 31st Jan 2014

Reviewer: Ronald Doyle

I like these smokes normally but at this price they could not be beat. Thanks Corona for the deal on these goodies. They arrived quickly and in great shape. I will be back for more of them and others.

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Awesome!, 30th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Steven Medeiros

Great cigars...Recommend these anytime.

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