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FSG Farm Roll Cigars - 3 Pack


FSG Farm Roll - 3 Pack features tobacco grown on our Florida Sun Grown Farm in Clermont, FL. The unique tobacco has been carefully cured in the barn, then aged in specially selected Bourbon Barrels for a full year. The final product is 100% Pure FSG Tobacco - we’re talking wrapper, binder, & filler! Then, we roll it the old school way, without the use of wooden molds or machines. Whether you’re an FSG fanatic, or just looking to try some new & unique tobacco, we guarantee that FSG Farm Rolls are like nothing you’ve ever had before! #SmokeFSG

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Farm Roll Cigar, 3rd Feb 2022

Reviewer: Angelo Deltedesco

Good cigar very mellow smoke and taste. The cigar burns well and is grown locally here in central Florida. I strongly encourage all cigar smokers to give one a try.Good value and quality for a $ 10
dollar cigar.

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