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Rocky Patel X Outs

Rocky Patel X-Outs Sixty Corojo Cigar Bundle

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Rocky Patel is one of the most popular cigar makers on the planet. His RP Vintage and Edge cigars are some of our best selling brands. I have been twisting Rocky's arm for years to get us some of his factory seconds. Well Rocky finally made good on his promise and we got our hands on a nice supply of these tasty, money saving gems.

We have four sizes available. Each are currently available in a dark Maduro or a medium brown Corojo wrapper. Now Rocky won't say what brand of his is Liga "A" but I am pretty confident based on the flavor, size and wrappers, that these are RP Edge seconds. So save some dough and order these while we have them.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Corojo
Origin: Honduras

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RP X outs, 30th Apr 2019

Reviewer: Roger Harris

Spent a ton of dough on a box of your favorite sticks, or spend a little on these fine smokes. Great value for a good cigar bundle.

Good cigar, 1st Feb 2019

Reviewer: John Pugh

My take. is they are a great deal for the money. I will buy again

Good cigar, 19th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Harvey Stanbrough

Almost every cigar tunneled or burned unevenly. Some tunneled so badly I threw out the smoke. Good flavor, great draw otherwise, but at over $3 per stick I probably won't buy these again. I can get tasty, less-expensive cigars that don't tunnel, so....

Almost perfect., 10th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Joe McNair

I may not be able to state this and not get it censored but I need to TRY...These are my 'go to' sticks. These are the Edge Corojos. And they are luscious with any type of coffee drink. HOWEVER, since these are factory rejects about 20% or so are waaaaaay too hard to draw. And poking them with a cigar awl is a fix but still either cracks them or the seal right back up after a few puffs. NOTHING is more aggravating than a crappy draw. That being said, the few times I have called and noted them being 'rough on the draw' the company (I do believe it's this one) gave me a credit for each stick I stated had a crap draw in the lot.

I don't complain, usually, but once in a while. Anyway, these are my fav daily stick and they are LUSCIOUS! The toros are perfect. Torpedos are a bit too short once clipped and the gordos are never quite right on the draw for me almost no matter what. Just a preference. However the toros are PERFECT. The maduros are also a bit dark for me these days but that's also a personal preference. These are like dessert in every way possible!


Perfection with a catch, 17th Feb 2018

Reviewer: Julian Benjamin

These are Rocky Patels. What more can you say. These are full bodied flavorful and aromatic cigars. They are seconds, or rejects, but for the price they are still very good. I've encountered tunneling in most of the cigars. It lasts till past the half way mark and then the burn stabilizes. I've tried it in the humidor for 3+ weeks at different humidity levels from 55 yo 65 hoping to find the right balance. The experiment continues, but they are still good cigars for the golf course and everyday use.

The wrapper is thick and oily with a sheen to it, with slightly thicker veins. Nice double cap and a great draw. The burn is even and consistent till the tunneling begins, but it doesn't really affect the taste and flavor of the cigar. I've re-ordered and am quite pleased with it.

Oh yes, the shipping was fast and the cigars came well packaged.

perfect!, 25th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Joe McNair

Huge fan of these....KEEP EM COMING!

RP X-Outs, 4th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Arthur Brown

Quality smoke!

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Solid, 5th May 2013

Reviewer: Mat Hill

This is a very solid smoke. Very dark, full flavor.

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