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FSG Farm Roll Robusto Cigar Bundle - 50ct

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FSG Farm Roll Robusto (5" x 50) feature tobacco grown on our Florida Sun Grown Farm in Clermont, FL. The unique tobacco has been carefully cured in the barn, then aged in specially selected Bourbon Barrels for a full year. The final product is 100% Pure FSG Tobacco - we’re talking wrapper, binder, & filler! Whether you’re an FSG fanatic, or just looking to try some new & unique tobacco, we guarantee that FSG Farm Rolls are like nothing you’ve ever had before! #SmokeFSG

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FSG Farm Roll, 12th Feb 2022

Reviewer: Bob Spellberg

I purchased a sampler pack and farm roll was included. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste and amused by the presentation of the cigar. You can taste how the tobacco was aged. I enjoyed a break from the full flavored I have been smoking. Have not tried them on the golf course yet that will be a test of how well the cigar holds together as it comes In and out of my cigar holder

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