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Cost Cutter Sweet

Cost Cutter Sweet Corona Extra Cigar Bundle

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There's nothing better than a bargain. And our new Cost Cutter bundles are designed to save you money on your beloved hobby...smokin' cigars!

Cost Cutter Sweet cigars use a mild blend of Dominican tobacco and are wrapped with a light Connecticut shade wrapper. The tip of each cigar is just the way you like it...nice and sweet. So if you enjoy cigars like Baccarat or want to set up from Swisher Sweets, load up on a few bundles of these.

Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Connecticut
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

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Great cigar for the price., 22nd Sep 2020

Reviewer: Ross Aikin

I would happily pay $3 per cigar. So the current price is pretty great. Definitely a sweet cigar. If you like the Jane's. You will like this as a cheaper and less sweet alternative to them.

Surprising construction and flavor, 17th Apr 2020

Reviewer: Eric Howard

Hello to all my fellow cigar family! My name is Eric, but most people in the cigar world know me as the Cigar Commander. I'm here to tell ya... these are some surprisingly tasty and well constructed sticks. The ash holds well and has a very nice even burn. The flavor is mild in my opinion with a slightly nutty taste. The sweet tips are subtle enough to enjoy, without overpowering the tobacco nuances. Just enough to give ya that slight sugary taste on the tip of your tongue. I recommend these for an awesome price for a bundle of 20. I also wanna give a shout out to the warehouse for sending these super fast speedy delivery! I ordered on Monday night and recieved in my mail on Wednesday afternoon, practically 36 hours!
Another shout out for taking care of us, your customers, in our time need for smoky goodness during the pandemic. Corona Cigars company rocks! I have always had great service from you guys. Keep on sharing your great prices with us. Again, I recommend these sticks, and they will definately be added in my go-to daily smokes.

SUCH A BARGAIN, 10th Jan 2020

Reviewer: William Griffin

Great smoke for not a lot of money. I hate to jinx these fine folks but it seems every cigar I like has gone out production. It started with Wolf Brothers Rum Soaked Crooks, then Moonshine Crooks, and finally Finck's White Lightening Crooks.

Keep up the good work Corona Cigar Co, I'm counting on you!!

Daily Cigar, 23rd Nov 2019

Reviewer: Brian Kang

Great taste, and mild for your daily palette. I smoke this with my coffee. Wrapping is done nice and burns well. No complaints.

Bob Graham, 21st Oct 2018

Reviewer: Robert Graham

For a dollar a piece, these are a great deal for a daily cigar. Taste is great and quality is consistent.

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Great Product, 19th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Ramona Spruill-Anderson

My husband asks for these every year for his birthday. He loves the mild flavor, as sweeter and strong cigars bother his allergies.

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Cost Cutter Sweet, 5th May 2015

Reviewer: Stephen Nicolan

If you like a sweet tip cigar at a bargain price,then these are the one's for you. Great daily smoker, not overly sweet nice ash, just a great cigar for your money. Ordered a bundle just to try and was very pleased.

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Good everyday smoke., 17th Apr 2015

Reviewer: William Hammers

These babies, at a buck a stick, are a real bargain. Well constructed; tightly rolled, nice draw, even burn, and not overly sweet. A really nice, mild daily smoker. Compairing them to a Baccarat might be stretching it a bit, but they are light years ahead of Swisher Sweets!

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