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Corona Special Wheels Churchill Cigars

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Looking for a deal that won’t drain your wallet. Then check out what our stealth Nicaraguan cigar factory hooked us up with. A special on bundles of 40 hand made cigars at an outragously low price!

Corona Special Wheels are hand-rolled cigars made from Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan grown tobacco. These well made cigars are quite mild with a touch of spice.

Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

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Terrible smoke, 2nd May 2020

Reviewer: Paul Sheryn

This is a really bad cigar, dry and very bitter, all short filler, I've left them in one of my humidor but I don't expect these to get any better. I don't know where these good reviews come from but they can't be smoking the same cigar that I was. I know they are a dollar cigar but I never expected them to be this bad. Pay a few dollars more and buy something else

My Favorite Every day cigar, 21st Jan 2020

Reviewer: Jose G Cruz Ayala

One of the best cigars i ever smoked.... and the PRICE ufffff

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Disappointed, 1st May 2019

Reviewer: Steven Krol

I gave these cigars 5 stars because I’ve ordered them for years... always great service from corona and fast shipping! Great everyday cigar!
BUT... my last 3 shipments were very disappointing. I’m not a cigar snob, I know what I’m getting with these smokes... a good everyday cigar that is inexpensive. In the past the cigars had a good draw and good burn. The last 3 shipments were bad! Poor draw and burn! Canoeing and next to impossible draw on many cigars. I iorder 2 wheels at a time so I’ve been P.O. for some time with these cigars but not willing to give up on them. I take them out of the wrappers and put them in my humidor( something I never had to do cause I smoke em that fast) this helps a bit with the burn?!?!.... I’m hoping the guys at Corona can address this issue before shipment if possible? But I guess I just have to suffer through a bad run of these favs of mine?

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Good daily cgar, 24th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Jesse Vallesteros

These are good cigars for daily smokes it's my first order on the site and ordered two bundles. Excellent price value, taste good and quick shipping to CA. Thanks for the great service will be coming back and try the other bundles.

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Dry and stale, 19th Nov 2018

Reviewer: James Petty

These are not good, I've smoked half of them and I have been very disappointed. They are dry and start to crumble when cut and 8 out of 20 have only burned on half the cigar. I'll never order these again. Corona was out of the cigars I normally order so I thought I would try these. Never again.

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Not Your Average Bundle Smoke, 22nd Sep 2018

Reviewer: Dennis Driscoll

Bought a bundle at the Sand Lake store and am blown away. Smoked 6 of these so far and each one has been full of flavor with excellent draw, lots of smoke and razor-sharp burn. Nice cocoa finish. I would put these up against any $10 cigar in a blind taste. Way above expectation!

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Delicios, 5th Sep 2018

Reviewer: James Hymel

Great tasing cigar at a very affordable price. And excellent customer service as well.

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Bang For Your Buck!, 20th Jul 2018

Reviewer: John Morbo

Excellent cigar for the price, you can smoke these babies all day, you can't beat it for the money

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Good beach cigar, 16th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Thomas Trujillo

Nice wrapper, a little soft and they tend to fall apart when I used a cutter. Very nice smoke for the beach.

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Good stuff, 20th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Ross Welsh

Great stick for the budget,good flavor and can't beat the price. Great to give out during poker night. Only had one stick with a piece of twine in it. Not complaining, cause it does happen from time to time. Always reorder when I'm out of cigars.

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Poor Quality, 11th Jun 2016

Reviewer: Robert Petrocelli

I was shocked when I lite up my first stick. It has a short filler that falls apart in your mouth and were also stale. I have been smoking cigars for over 50 years (6-8 a day) and have smoked better machine made cigars. Also I know the difference between an everyday and a premium cigar.The reviews totally thru me off on the quality of this cigar.
I would like to say that Corona offered to replace them or reimburse me after returning the remaining cigars. They stand by what they sell. After all they did not manufacture them.

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Jeff Meyer, 2nd Mar 2016

Reviewer: Jeffrey Meyer

Great smoke for everyday use...shame they can't keep them in stock.

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Almost a Partagas, 22nd Jun 2015

Reviewer: Todd Garzon

All I can say I am a Partagas smoker. This is the closest and cheapest cigar I have come across to them. Great value! switching my daily smoke.

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Corona Presidente, 1st Jun 2015

Reviewer: Martin Turk

I opine the cigar to be mild and surprising flavorable The draw is excellent with an even constant burn. The ash is white. My only criticism is in the construction. The wrapper is well placed; however, the cigar is soft. In summary the Presidente is a fine daily smoke at wonderful value.

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Very pleased!, 20th Apr 2015

Reviewer: Joel Berg

The first bundle was very dry. I called the company and they gladly sent out a replacement bundle and expedited the order as well. I am now enjoying a very nice cigar for such an inexpensive price! I would recommend stuffing in one of those humicare pillows in every order that isn't expedited. I am happy nonetheless!


Unmarked Pleasures, 2nd Mar 2015

Reviewer: Richard Lowell

This was a very pleasurable cigar - much more so than the price would have determined.

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Good smoke, 13th Jul 2014

Reviewer: Karl Klotz

These are a good, everyday type of smoke. Good quality for the price and good aroma.

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Amazing Quality, 10th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Michael Credere

Okay, so I have purchased these cigars now many times and I really can't say enough good things about them. If you're the kind of cigar guy that believes only the good cigars come out of Cuba or a good cigar has to cost at least 10 bucks a stick, then you don't even deserve to let these little secrets cross your lips! They are a smooth, creamy smoke with a bit of nutty flavor thrown into the mix. I've handed these stoges out on the golf course to my high falutin' friends and have always gotten good reviews from them as well! Don't pass these up - this price is not representative of the quality of the smoke! If you're a beginner, throw these into your humidor as an awesome "filler" and then start adding the more expensive name brands you find along the way.

Ship'em, 17th Sep 2013

Reviewer: William Rueter

I moved out west and can can still get these great smokes delivered to my door. Whats not to like about that!
Thanks Jeff

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Quality, affordable smoke, 7th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Jim Cameron

If you smoke a lot of cigars, these are for you. A nice dependable smoke at an affordable price.

I found them first visiting the Orlando store and have been ordering them ever since.

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The Best, 28th Feb 2013

Reviewer: William Rueter

Been a customer for years. Thanks for the great smokes Jeff.

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