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Corona Ranchero

Corona Ranchero Corona Gordo Cigar Bundle

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Corona Ranchero cigars feature a flavorful, Cuban-seed authentic Corojo wrapper. The special Corojo wrapper surrounds a Cuban-seed Honduran binder and a blend of Honduran tobacco. This combination of tobacco produces one of the best smoking and best tasting inexpensive cigars that I've ever smoked!

Each cigar is aged for six months, then packed into money-saving bundles of 20. In my opinion, this medium to full-bodied cigar is the best value on the market - period!

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Corojo
Origin: Honduras

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This puts discount cigars on notice, 28th Apr 2019

Reviewer: Matthew Greene

I am an experienced smoker and this is my 2nd bundle of the robusto size. Easily as good as or better than most 5 dollar cigars out there. Both bundles tasted the same. Mild, pleasant, stays lit and produces lots of smoke. This has become a staple in my humidor.

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Great budget cigar, 4th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Jeremy Yahwak

Brought a bunch of these for a lake weekend. Very solid mild flavor to enjoy either on a boat or dry land. Was having issues with consistent burn, but overall enjoyable especially for the price.

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Corona Rancherro, 2nd Sep 2018

Reviewer: Kamran Rezai

Though I just started to smoke cigar. This one was the worst I have ever had. It has a bitter taste. Not a quality cigar, but i guess you get what you pay. Not also helpful in the packaging. It was over 100 degrees F, and delivered some time in the morning and stayed till 4:00, before I picked them up. Not a good cigar.

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Quality discount smoke, 29th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Richard Terry

Very flavorful - enjoyable smoke

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good basic smoke, 12th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Ronald Cortesi

More mild than I thought it would be , decent flavor, but very happy with the price !

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Buy these cigars!, 22nd May 2018

Reviewer: Tyler Caruthers

These quickly became my go to cigars. I bought them in robusto size and I get a good 20-30 minute smoke out of them. Great taste, even burn and terrific price. Looking for a good cigar? You found it.

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Loose wrap, 21st Mar 2018

Reviewer: Rudolph Vera

OK daily. Due to the very loose wrap, it burns very
unevenly. Tried them out. Probably won't again........

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Awesome Smoke, 30th Jan 2018

Reviewer: Glenn Peters

This is one of the best cigars i have ever smoked hands down.
Full of flavor. highly recommended. Any size is awesome.

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Quality everyday smoke, 10th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Michael Credere

I'm a big fan of Corona Cigar.... and the Ranchero meets the same quality as everything else that Corona puts their name on. Medium bodied and smooth, but it does not lack in flavor! I like to smoke these on my way home from work as an everyday smoke along with a coffee (delicious!). My only issue with these is not the flavor, but in the two times I have ordered them now, there seems to be a couple in each bundle that just don't draw right, but at the price I get them at, it's a small price to pay!

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Corona Ranchero Churchill, 10th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Doug Tidrick

Purchased a bundle of these a couple years ago when I was in Orlando. Was looking for an inexpensive smoke, mild to medium and I saw these and liked the fact that they were Honduran. Was not disappointed - the flavor is very good (the Corojo gives a nice kick in flavor without the oilyness you get in a Maduro), the smoke is smooth (not harsh or bitter), the draw is excellent and at $1.75 a stick you can't beat that price. It's a great everyday cigar! I have many different top end brands in my humidor, but when I pulled the last one of these out I said "I've got to get more of these!" Thankfully, the website was printed on the inside of the ring label! When I head out to the golf course tomorrow, there will be a Corona Ranchero in my Herf-a-Dor.

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