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The Wise Man Maduro Toro Huaco Cigars

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If you have ever smoked the El Güegüense from Foundation Cigar Co., you know that it is an excellent cigar. The Wise Man Maduro is an extension on this line that adds a whole new layer of complexity via the simple change of wrapping it in a San Andres wrapper. This dark and oily wrapper creates a bolder, fuller bodied cigar that shows off all the greatness of the original in a brand new way.

While it will be inevitably compared to the original, the Wise Man Maduro is a cigar that definitely stands out on its own. The bold Nicaraguan blend combines both sweet and spicy flavors to tickle your taste buds. This isn't a cigar that teases you with hints of various tastes, but rather boldly presents espresso, sweet roasted nuts, leather, cashews, cacao, and black pepper all at once.

Available in elegantly crafted thin wooden boxes that hold 25 sticks each, this cigar is a perfect treat whether or not you have ever tasted the original. Because it is on the bolder side, we actually recommend getting at least one box of Torpedo or Corona Gorda for days you want a shorter smoke and a box of Churchill for days you want to truly challenge your palette.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Origin: Nicaragua

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great cigar, 26th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Josephine Chiuchiolo

My husband just smoked one today as I gifted him these for Christmas. He liked it very much. The burn was good and the taste was good also.

Well Done Cigar, 19th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Jeffrey David Gallant

Superbly constructed, rolled perfectly, tons of smoke, very good cigar! Go for the larger 56 ring as the smaller 48 ring does not deliver the full quality of this cigar. Intensity is upper 80 rating, maybe 90-91, but with a lot of body and carachter. No flaws, no relight, I will buy more! Smoke it slowly to really enjoy!

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Great Smoke, 10th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Chris Jones

This cigar is just another gem from this company The Foundation. It shows that they love creating great cigars. It has a full array of flavors for the palate and is worthy of a box purchase. It may have a medium to full profile but it is definitely full of flavor. A must try.

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