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The Rocky Patel Hercules is an exclusive cigar only available at Corona Cigar Co. Jeff Borysiewicz and Rocky Patel teamed up to create a high-end cigar at an affordable price. Big, bold cigars from the Heavy Weight King of Cigars, Rocky Patel. Extremely exclusive and produced in small batches, Rocky Patel's new Hercules are big bodied, thick ring-gauged cigars packed full of flavor. Hercules are hand crafted in Nicaragua by an elite team of Rocky's most experienced rollers. A chocolate brown, silky-smooth Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, paired with double Nicaraguan Cuban-seed binders (one from Jalapa and one from Esteli) and a two region blend of triple fermented, slow-aged Nicaraguan Corojo long filler tobaccos result in an exceptional cigar of Herculean proportions. Packed in cedar boxes of 20, RP Hercules has a medium-bodied strength with underlying flavors of nutmeg, leather, cocoa and wood. The finish is slightly spicy and tends to build, especially with the larger sizes like the Gnarly Club. Hercules is definitely a cigar you want to buy by the box, with our specially deep-discounted box prices.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Origin: Honduras

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Herculean Review, 15th May 2017

Reviewer: Todd DeAngelis

Reviews, of course, vary. Your taste is different than mine, therefore our experiences with the same stick will be different. A stick from a box today may even be experienced differently than one from the same box smoked tomorrow by the same person. Moods, pairings, weather, environment, etc... all affect the overall experience. That said, the Rocky Patel Hercules I found quite enjoyable. Strength: to me it started as a medium and ended as a medium-full. I felt it, but not in a bad way (I knew I wasn't smoking cheap stuff). Flavor: nothing hit me over the head, everything was super subtle, but quite enjoyable. To my palate, wood, leather, cocoa, and spice were all present in pleasing undertones. This is the kind of cigar you can enjoy even via second hand smoke if someone next to you is smoking it. As a side note, I'm a non-drinker so my pairing is always either iced ginger ale or non-iced water. With this cigar it was ginger ale and it worked perfectly. If you want an alcohol pairing suggestion, I'm afraid you'll have to check out other reviews. Burn: nice and even with a firm ash enabled by great construction--it's a great-looking cigar before or after lighting. The wrapper looks like a thoroughbred horse's coat. Burn: easy draw (I use a punch cutter and almost never have a draw problem). This stogie produces volumes of smoke typically reserved for only much higher-priced sticks. I enjoy letting the smoke rise from my mouth and walk up my face, I was in heaven with the Hercules. I'm a believer that Rocky Patel has spread their product thin by over-producing some mediocre cigars. While I respect their role in the industry and enjoy many of their cigars, options like the Nimmy, for example, are over-promoted, over-priced, mediocre choices that aren't worth the cellophane in which they're packaged. I was fearing this would be the case with the Hercules, but respect the brand enough to try it. I was pleasantly blown away. It wasn't the best c

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Cracked wrappers, 31st Jan 2017

Reviewer: Severo Contreras

Decent smoke, many of the cigars have split wrappers close to cap. I expected better quality control from RP.

Decent Smoke, 16th Oct 2014

Reviewer: Stephen Maiorano

About 3/4 of smoke,expected a blend of wrapper,filler into a complex mellow /medium body taste with nutty/spicy finish in which this RP did not produce.(taste was a bit flat as opposed to the toasty treat i expected) Construction was suspect as well. Did NOT receive lighter with purchase as well. Fair deal at what should have been a little less expensive. Overall i would recommend,but their are better choices out there for this type of smoke

Good everyday, 23rd Aug 2013

Reviewer: Tony Wright

Good mild smoke that burns evenly, long lasting, good value cigar that will serve well as your every day smoke.

Fantastic!, 9th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Ted Swindler

This is the cigar you break out when you have company you want to impress. Perfect draw, perfect burn, not too strong. I really enjoyed this cigar.

Simply put....the best yet!!!, 7th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Gary Robinson

Wow! This cigar was so smooth it was unbelievable and is better than many more highly touted and more expensive cigars. I'll be a buyer of these!

2-3 Star Hercules Cretan Bull, 28th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jerad Johnston

Construction was flawless on this stick and the cold draw was perfect, with a spicy tingle. The first third was great. Smooth leather & wood with a slight spiciness. As the cigar progressed the intensity raised, and became fuller and spicier. But from the middle of the second third to the end, the flavors just became a bit acidic & bitter. I put it down just before I got to the band. Not horrible, I would try another one, but I won't be searching these out.

Perfectly Balanced, 22nd Jun 2013

Reviewer: Robert Padovano

Appropriately called "Hercules" as it has the perfect balance of strength and body. Strong, but certainly not too strong. And a wonderful flavor profile, different from the other Rocky's I love so much.

Good but a Little Short, 19th Jun 2013


Pre Burn: Wrapper was dark and rich. Aroma of cigar was full flavored.
Light: Initial thoughts we medium bodied with very rich tones of nuttiness. Very nice draw.
Mid Burn: Medium bodied cigar with Nuttiness but began to get coffees and and chocolate mid cigar. Very nice midway through good deck cigar.
Finish: The finish was a bit bitter and disappointing.
Overall: Vey nice smoke but don't take it to the end.

Hercules, Hercules!, 16th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Miles Brown

Awesome draw that produced Herculean clouds of smoke. Mellow and mild with bold flavors of dry cedar, vanilla, cream and more leather than a belt. The vanilla notes became more prominent as it progressed, but midway it morphed into a velvety cocoa palate party. The last third developed a strong nutty flavor that combined with the cocoa, leather and cedar to give it a solid finish. Definitely a must try for all RP fans.

Great Smoke, 16th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jorge Suarez

The cigar had a mild taste, and great draw. It was not over powering and went great with a scotch. A great smoke from Rocky Patel.

This is why we smoke..., 14th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jonathan Kravitz

This is a great cigar. In my opinion, a mild cigar which burns even and has fine after taste.

It's not a cigar to pair with scotch or red wine but to smoke while golfing or fishing.

Hand these out at the next BBQ..

Kick in the Pants, 13th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jeff Kinat

This one really hit me. And it hit me hard. I like strong cigars and this is definitely one of the strongest that I have had. The size really did me in, though because I normally like the stronger cigars in a smaller ring gauge. The burn was good- no issues

Never go Wrong with Rocky, 12th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Anthony Colasacco

Whether the movie, the boxers or the cigar Rocky delivers for me. I truly enjoyed the full taste and nice burn of this cigar. Rent the movie, brew a good cup of espresso, sit back, light up and enjoy.

Disappointing, 12th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Reed Skinner

Generally, I like Rocky Patel cigars. I know what to expect from the moment I light one, to the last puff. Not so with this one. From the dark veined wrapper and somewhat firm construction, I anticipated a Full Bodied smoke. After taking a straight cut, and test drawing, there was little resistance. Almost felt like a loose pack. The cigar's ash was a dark gray/black, The first half of the cigar smoked uneven. I had to 'touch up' the burn with a couple re-lights. The taste? I never could find one. The whole smoke was rather bland. Well... Sorta like wet newspaper. I guess that must be the hint of wood. Never got the nutmeg, and the cocoa only barely came through at the last 2". And even then it tasted more like a watery chocolate milk shake. Not what I expected from RP.

Great Cigar, 12th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Fred Argilan

I think this is one of the best Rocky has to offer and exclusive to Corona. Well constructed, good draw, well balanced earthy flavors. I bought a box last December and recently finished the last one. Consistent to the end.

Hercules, Hercules. Ooh say it again, 11th Jun 2013

Reviewer: David Waddle

Big bold flavor! Too much for me. I like a cigar to be a bit more tame. Everything is over the edge for me. Too savory, too pungent.

Not Fun, 11th Jun 2013

Reviewer: armando De Solo

Tight draw, little smoke, decent taste though! Maybe I just got a dud with this one, would have to try another.

Big cigar Big flavor, 10th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

It had a dark brown wrapper and a frim even pack with a triple cap . A rich old tabacco and cedar smell . The draw was wide open . The first third was a deep dark chocolate with some spice . the spice soon went away . The chocolate went all the way to the end with some herbal notes and towards the end i got a bit of sweetness. Just befor the end i got some walnut flavors . All in all a really nice smoke .

Rocky Patel Homer, 10th Jun 2013

Reviewer: John Davis

I've been a fan of Rocky's larger-ring cigars since the beginning and this is another fan favorite. If I had anything negative to say it was a slightly uneven burn down the side but easily overlooked with a second/third light. The flavor was great, not too strong through to the end, and the wrapper didn't unravel. This was one to savor.

Hercules, 6th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Robert Guariglia

I usually don't like Rocky Patel cigars, but this one was very pleasant. Veiny wrapper with good heft to it. Straightforward flavors -not complex, but not harsh or biter.

Good burn and draw. Medium finish.

A god every day cigar.

Decent but bad burn, 6th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jason Schultz

Flavors were good, as listed above numerous times... But this cigar had a very uneven burn for me and was extremely hard to keep lit. I had to keep drawing on it, more than I would've liked, to keep it going. Slightly disappointing for a R.P.

A very good bold smoke, 4th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Bruce Larson

Nice even burn with a firm but light ash. Earthy with spicy coffee and cedar notes that build towards the end. A bit of an aftertaste though not unpleasant. Pairs very well with a good coffee..

No Hero..., 3rd Jun 2013

Reviewer: Corey Carroll

The cigar looks attractive, is tightly rolled, has all the promises of a great cigar. It lit and burned well...but was a bit difficult to draw. The flavor was very mild with a slight woody taste. However, it is not well rounded, leaving something to be desired. A better pick for the same size and price point would be a Van 22, or pay less for a Rocky Patel Edge.

Good Smoke but Just Short of 5 Stars, 1st Jun 2013

Reviewer: Chuck Mackarness

Pre burn: firm, maybe too firm. Great on the nose, looks nice. Good color evenly across the entire stick.
Burn: tough draw, had to roll it between the palms to break up the inner pack. Flavor was good, but a strained draw over powered it. Pretty even burn, needed one lighter touchup.

Great, 1st Jun 2013

Reviewer: James Novell

Excellent cigar. Good taste. Good burn. I had to smoke it until my knuckles almost burned.

Poor Showing, 30th May 2013

Reviewer: Bryan K. Gravely

Not my favorite cigar from Rocky. As a member at a Rocky Patel sponsored Cigar Bar, I've smoked my fair share of Rocky products, this one will not be making a repeat appearance in my humidor. The construction was clean, neat and solid on the outside, but something was wrong on the inside. The cigar ran on me a number of times and I experienced a first in cigar smoking. About 1/3 of the way into the cigar, a hole began to burn about 1/4" below the current ash level. Both seem odd for a Rocky product, as they generally have good quality control.
Apart from the problems with the burn, the flavors just didn't satisfy. All I tasted was a pungent bitterness that had me giving up on this cigar 2/3 in.

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Hercules, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

Nice looking wrapper, nice sheen, no large veins. Smooth draw, tight white ash. Medium bodied, nice smoke, cocoa flavors.

RP Hercules, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Venier

Wonderful cigar, full bodied, just the way I like them. Nice dark wrapper, burned nicely. That is a top of the line cigar.

Pretty inconsistent, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Chris Connelly

I have smoke about 4-5 of these cigars and each time I had a different experience. On one occasion I really enjoyed how flavorful this cigar can really be, another time I found myself needing to relight it every 15 min. My most recent experience the cigar was rolled entirely too tight. I nearly had to cut 1/5 of it off to create any sort of pull. I gave this cigar 3 stars because I know how good this cigar can be. I think with better QC this cigar will be up here in my higher ranks.

Barbarian, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Tyler Donelson

I can't seem to find one good cigar from Rocky Patel and this one fell short again. I don't know why these are so popular when most of his cigars like this one, have a very bland taste that comes from a $3 cigar. It had a good looking oily wrapper but the taste was boring and slightly acidic.

Quite close to perfect., 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Tim Davis

This is one of my new favorites. I genuinely enjoyed it from beginning to end.
First are very woodsy and earthy hints followed by somewhat milder notes keeping in the same family. The construction is beautiful with a perfect even draw through to the end. I never wanted it to go out.

New Favorite?, 27th May 2013

Reviewer: Ron Thomas

This was my first Rocky Patel but won't be my last! A wonderful smoke that challenges my Macanudos!

Keep Working Out, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: Paul Pent

Great burn and lots of smoke. Smells like grass but major flavor of wine. Could be a good cigar but something is missing...good construction but needs more depth.

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Excellent Cigar, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: J.M. Krasnianski

Great taste, full bodied but very smooth flavor. Natural tobacco and slight chocolate taste. Let the smoke roll in your mouth and truly enjoy the fullness. Lingering after taste of earth to keep you going. Will smoke many more, but some.

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Hercules, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: Dwight Zeissler

What a great cigar! Full flavor, excellent construction. Did not disappoint.

me cigar, 23rd May 2013

Reviewer: Max Szobonya

Every thing about this is perfect size shape big flavor of spicy wood tone and coco on par with la gloria r 7

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