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Punch Pitas Rare Corojo Cigars

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Punch Rare Corojo Cigars are a well balanced aromatic cigar featuring premium aged tobacco. The name says it all: RARE and these cigars don't last long on the shelves. The cigar uses a bevy blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers, and a flavorful Connecticut broadleaf binder. It's finished off with a Sumatra-seed wrapper that's been grown in Ecuador and aged to delectable ripeness. The cigar is then square pressed and comes with a nice spicy overtone. Grab these before they disappear off the shelves again.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Sumatra
Origin: Honduras

Customer Reviews

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Cigar of surf fisherman, 13th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Roger Prouty

El Doble's are predictably easy to fire up and draw easily. Bloom is a lighter grey that fills the air. Taste is soothing to the palet, relaxing on the beach. Ocassionally exhaling through the nose, its very nice. Have had dozens of comments about my cigar. Easy El Doble. Just damn good.

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Punch Rare Corojo Perfecto, 16th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Robert Guariglia

I generally like perfectos, and this was no exception.

Nice, dark red/brown wrapper. The cigar lit easily but had a tight draw until I got past the round part of the foot.

Great aroma with a medium body. Not as flavorful as i usually like, but overall an enjoyable smoke.

I would buy these as a change of pace.

Good smoke, 10th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Jorge Suarez

Mild and easy, but the draw was not my favorite. A long smoke and good for the price.

Punch, 24th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Robert Venier

This is a quality brand and product. The wrapper was nice and silky and the cigar burned well. I'm a robusto fan so this was a little thin for me. Punch is a top line cigar.

Maybe I had a Dud, 20th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Craig Marynik

At first it was hard to start. It had a decent flavor, yet a little harsh for my taste. But all through the experience it was burning uneven and I had to correct with a flame. I tried to enjoying this while sitting outside on a hot summer night with my beautiful wife, but was not satisfied. I hope I just had a dud and not a true representation.

Very good cigar, 18th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Don Hebert

This was my first perfecto. The construction was perfect and the draw was great throughout. Smoother than many of the Punches I've had in the past.

Not a Good Experience, 17th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Mike Cappello

i tried the punch brand years ago before i really got into cigars. at that time i enjoyed it somewhat but wasn't blown away either. but, after having this one last weekend it left me with such a bad experience that will result in me not wasting time on the punch brand again. i very rarely find a cigar that i cannot leave a positive review for but this cigar was the exception. from the moment i started smoking this it burned worse than any other cigar i have ever had. i'm not sure if this could have been a reject (imperfect 2nd cigar) or possibly just not kept fresh enough. however, it was in my humidor for a few weeks just like all my others and none of them have ever canoed or had as bad of a draw as this punch did. this smoke was such a struggle to burn and i had to relite it at least a dozen times. half way through it was already getting hot to the touch because it was burning from the inside. cigars are suppose to be relaxing but this was anything but and it felt more like work to me. maybe punch makes a good cigar and my experience wasn't typical but i have to be honest. sorry punch

A Punch In the Mouth, 15th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Miles Brown

This was by far the best Punch I have ever tried. It drew like a pencil and produced thick, flavorful smoke with notes of woodsy, dry cedar, pepper and earthy spice. It had a bit of bite and strength, but nothing too overwhelming. You should try this and let it Punch you in the mouth.

Nice Punch, 13th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Tim McCabe

I have had a couple sticks by Punch and wasn't impressed. Someone told me to try this one so I did and I think this is by far one of their better ones. Nice solid burn, ash held well and nice smoke. I like the earthy and woody flavors along with some creamy flavors all were in this cigar, so this stick was a great taste with hints of sweetness and spice very little thought .Overall I would recommend this. And I now have a cigar from Punch that I can say I enjoy.

Great cigar., 11th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Jerad Johnston

The construction and looks of this stick are superb. The burn and ash are perfect throughout the cigar and the smoke production is plentiful. The flavors are sweet and earthy in the beginning and transition more towards a leathery sweetness as you near the end. I really enjoy this stick and it pairs great with vanilla Dr. Pepper. :)

WOW!, 10th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Jason Schultz

I've had a few bad experiences with Punch cigars in the past, from bad flavors to bad cosntruction, so I entered this testing a little hesitant... but immediately, I knew my opinion was changing! Great earthy flavors with a hint of spice, beautifully constructed, and an excellent burn and smoke-producer. I'm not typically a fan of figurados, but this one had great draw, burn and flavor. Definitely adding it into my rotation!!

Surprise Surprise, 2nd Jul 2013

Reviewer: armando De Solo

This is by far the best Punch I have had, great earthy flavors, plenty of smoke, great taste all around.

Nice Punch, 2nd Jul 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

The cigar was very well made with good draw and burn. To me the first third was musty and earthy with a dry finish. Second third added some sweetness to the finish with some zing. As the last third heated up it picked up more spice .

Rare Carojo Punches me out, 30th Jun 2013

Reviewer: David Waddle

Before I lit this cigar the taste of the wrapper is very mild. Subtle notes of sweet earth and spice cling to my tongue. The smoke carries the flavors like velvet to my nose. A very subtle complex cigar.

Great Smoke, 29th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Keith Chiavetta

I typically would not smoke Punch. I've tried them in the past and they have not provided consistency. I was very surprised by the Rare Corojo. What a terrific smoke! I had this on the deck with a glass of single-malt and thoroughly enjoyed it for close to an hour. Slow, even burn. Great flavors. I smoked it down to my fingers! Would highly recommend.

Great Cigar, 29th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Fred Argilan

I used to smoke Honduran cigars exclusively but have trended toward Nicaraguan cigars for the past several years. This one was a real treat and brought back memories of many fine cigars. Very earthy with wood tones. Well constructed.

Great Corojo, 28th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Robert Padovano

I love the Corojo wrapper. Beautiful color, beautiful flavor. I prefer a larger ring gauge, but this baby has a great draw and a nice flavor profile.

Great Smoke, 27th Jun 2013

Reviewer: perla De Solo

Enjoyed the Punch Rare Corojo cigar to the end. Great smoke, plenty of flavor from the Corojo wrapper, definitely would try again.

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Punchin' Away!, 27th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Reed Skinner

First off, I like Punch cigars. And I do enjoy a corojo wrapper on ocassion. This figurado had nice firm construction, even colored wrapper, and a beautiful draw. I made a ever so slight straight cut, took a couple test draws and lit it up. Smooth draw, nice smoke, and a great taste of mild wood. Ash was irregular, medium gray with flecks of black, and somewhat firm. The wrapper/binder burned uneven to start, necessitating a touch up with the lighter. You will have to give this smoke the attention it deserves, as the thick binder will cause the cigar to 'tube' or 'canoe' if neglected. Great cigar with a double shot cappuccino.

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Great Punch!, 26th Jun 2013


Figurado cigars are an absolute favorite of mine, and this Punch Rare Corojo Perfecto fit my profile, well, perfectly! Medium in strength, this cigar has full flavor that danced on the pallet. Rich earthy tones are prominent from beginning to end, and the cigar burned even from start to finish. I chewed the end a bit more on this one than I usually do, and this required a bit of a roll between the finger toward the end to open the cigar back up. Too rich for an every day smoke, but one I would welcome once a week.

Corojo wins, or does it?, 24th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Bryan K. Gravely

I went into this smoke with mixed emotions. I generally do not care for Punch, but I do really enjoy a Corojo wrapper. The first half of the cigar I was convinced that my love of Corojo had won. Imagine my surprise when I began to research the cigar and discovered that it's not even a Corojo. Whatever they want to call it, this is a Punch I would smoke again (and again).

Spectacular Cigar, 24th Jun 2013

Reviewer: E J Rosario

This cigar is very mild and very flavorful.It has very eartthy notes and a great aroma , firm white ash with a lot of smoke in every puff, you can't go wrong with this cigar, definitely a winner, try it and you will crave for more.A great everyday cigar.

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