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The Padron family developed the Serie 1926 cigar in commemoration of the family's patriarch, Jose Orlando Padron`s 75th Birthday. (Jose was born in Cuba in 1926.) The cigar debuted in 2002 on Jose's 76th birthday, one year later than planned. As with all things Padron, their cigars cannot be rushed.

The Nicaraguan tobaccos used in the Padron Serie 1926 have been aged for a minimum of five long years. The 1926 Padron is a great, full-bodied, box pressed cigar with the aroma of well aged, mature tobacco right out of the box.

It's a complex smoke with perfect balance, showing flavors of chocolate, coffee, nuts and a hint of black cherry. The cigar has a finish so long it seems to never leave the palate.

The Padron Serie 1926 scored one of the highest ratings in the history of Cigar Aficionado. The 97 rating is an amazing feat for a recent-production cigar.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Unfortunately Padron has changed, 11th Dec 2021

Reviewer: Peter Giermek

It’s clear after a year or so of trying again and again, Padron has changed and not for the better. Today I received the 1926 48 fresh from Corona. It’s total trash not even worth finishing after 5 minutes. Tastes like burnt ash instead of a well aged cigar. Either they have changed the process, the tobacco went to crap or covid completely ruined them. Every cigar since 2020 and after has been terrible in comparison. Also the price is slowly creeping up, not a good combo.

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Padrón Serie 1926 No. 9, Box Pressed, 21st Feb 2021

Reviewer: Curtis Ward

The cold draw was of new hay. Spices were emitted off the foot. Flavors were cocoa, coffee bean, cedar, and chocolate, with a hint of black cherry. There were notes of expensive leather. It tasted of rich, aged tobacco and old world spices. It was very creamy, very smooth, and silky. There was more cedar and pepper on the retro hale. It had that Nicaraguan zing. It produced voluminous plumes of thick, white smoke. Moving into the second third, coffee bean withdrew far into the background with much more cedar in the forefront. There was more woodiness and sweetness. Moving into the final third, oak was introduced with more leather and aged cedar. The stick was masterfully crafted with the wrapper holding perfectly. The ash held firmly half way through. The draw was incredible; very easy. I didn't think I would like this cigar due to reviews emphasizing the coffee note (I do not care much for coffee) but the coffee note was very, very light. This is an expensive cigar but worth every penny then plus. There was so much complexity and nuances of flavor and fragrance. It evolved wonderfully with new notes constantly appearing. This par-excellent cigar was exquisite and quintessential. I can see how the Padrón Serie 1926 No. 9 scored one of the highest ratings ever in the history of Cigar Aficionado It was one of the best cigars I have ever experienced.

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My favorite of the Padron 1926's Line, 9th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Scott Councill

I enjoy the majority of the Padron 1964 series, and the entire line of 1926 series and Family Reserves. Yes, these are a bit pricey for some to consider the No. 35 to be an "every day" cigar, but I won't put a price on my happiness and my go-to stress reliever. These are my go-to cigars for many evenings. Yes, I have many other brands and Padron's in my 600ct humidor, but these are a regular staple that I don't allow to go out of supply. Wait until Corona throws an online sale, and buy a few boxes. You'll get the best pricing you will ever find, typically free delivery, and then you can let these babies soak in your own humidor and have a treat waiting for you any night of the week.

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Excellent, 23rd Mar 2018

Reviewer: Jason Lecour

I purchased this about 2 weeks ago.. And I have to say, it is an excellent deal! The cigars were properly humidifier, no cracking, nice smell, the box was Beautiful ,custom made to house each stick perfectly. I intend to buy another in the future

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1926 Padron Natural, 5th Feb 2018

Reviewer: Daniel Roys

Great cigar, great place to go! My first visit was in January and was amazed at the selection and quality of the cigars. Came back to MD and ordered 5 more just to see how it went. Couldn’t have been easier. Signed up, no hassling emails or a million adds, paid and 4 days later in my humidor resting. Packaged very well and great quality. I’m going to order more next week then a ton for my son’s wedding!! Enjoy !!

Another great Padron, 7th Nov 2017

Reviewer: William Turner

Excellant cigar.. very smooth and consistent thruout.. My palate prefers the Padron 1964 Maduro,, why? I don't know, it just does. Thanks to Corona for a great price on the sampler, Now, I know what I prefer.

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Lets review the cigar..., 6th May 2017

Reviewer: Peter Giermek

For those of us who purchase online and do not have the luxury of flying into Orlando to try a Padron, it's helpful to read reviews of the actual cigar you are thinking about purchasing. Therefore, I will attempt. This cigar were purchased on sale from it's normal $20 premium, which was a great incentive to try it out. It's quite smoky and wonderfully rich. Not very dark, but pleasantly smooth and enjoyable. Cedar and nuts fill the air, as you get further in the cigar opens up in complexity. Not terribly dark as I was saying, I wonder how the Maduro is. It's excellent, I ended up purchasing another box.

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Excellent Cigar, 27th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Anthony Kendrick

These cigars are excellent but like all cigars only as good as the humidor they are kept in before shipping. Corona Cigar Co. bar in Orlando is the best. The cigars are never dried out. Always perfect. Whenever I fly in to Florida it's the first place I stop. When In home I only order from Corona Cigar Co. With free shipping and well cared for cigars you cannot go wrong.

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Can't go wrong with Padron., 27th Nov 2014

Reviewer: Robert Jr. Amundson

By far the most consistent excellent smoke in the entire industry. I know thats a huge braud statement but after you have a 1926 Padron it's all you really want. Their too pricey for every day but they do sell everyday Padrons that are buttery delicious; Caution: All Padrons are lip burners because you can't stand to let any go to waste and you will smoke them until you burn your lips, unless your wealthy and can just fire up another one. The whole Padron line is excellent, you can't find a bad one anywhere.

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