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The Padron family developed the Serie 1926 cigar in commemoration of the family's patriarch, Jose Orlando Padron`s 75th Birthday. (Jose was born in Cuba in 1926.) The cigar debuted in 2002 on Jose's 76th birthday, one year later than planned. As with all things Padron, their cigars cannot be rushed.

The Nicaraguan tobaccos used in the Padron Serie 1926 have been aged for a minimum of five long years. The 1926 Padron is a great, full-bodied, box pressed cigar with the aroma of well aged, mature tobacco right out of the box.

It's a complex smoke with perfect balance, showing flavors of chocolate, coffee, nuts and a hint of black cherry. The cigar has a finish so long it seems to never leave the palate.

The Padron Serie 1926 scored one of the highest ratings in the history of Cigar Aficionado. The 97 rating is an amazing feat for a recent-production cigar.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua

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The Ultimate Padron - So Far, 24th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

In keeping with the "five stogie" rating against in-brand sticks
One Stogie = Great Cigar at half the price, at any price
Two Stogie = In line with price, at any price
Three Stogie = Punches up to next price class / quality class at any price
Four Stogie = Obviously Elite at any price
Five Stogie = The old Friend

This is the home run I have been looking for from Padron for months. So hard to judge as the quality and consistency are so solid from Padron.

Comparing 1926 No 2 (Four Stogie Five Star Baseline for Excellence) and the 19564 No 85 (another four Stogie Five Star) and the 50th Anniversary (Four Stogie Four Star - over priced) the 1926 40th Anniversary sets itself apart from the crowd. I really don't need the Maduro version to go over the top with this stogie. The natural will put down most cross brand Maduro's.

Padron makes the Maduro's Maduro.

The 1926 40th (and the 80th year for that matter) are par de excellence... Truth be known I was saving these for later, but I pulled on out and fired it up thinking it was a 1926 No 1. What a blessed mistake.

I found myself reminiscing with it from the draw, past and future. I am so glad I bought two of these after the fact. This cigar can command another $5-$10 and still out perform the 50th anniversary on each and every level.

If you have not had one - get one.

Stars are enjoyabiltiy tags only for me - the Stogie rating on this price is 5 Stogies - and 5 Stars with a 3 Stogie kicker - Smoke on.

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Padron Series 90 Rocks!, 9th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Scott Councill

This is yet another excellent 1926 series cigar! Call me strange, but I'm drawn to the unique tobacco grown by the Padron family in Nicaragua. The tubes make for an added nicety and discussion piece when smoking in a public venue. I typically shop for my Padron's at Corona because their process are very competitive and shipping is a breeze since I'm only 45 miles away from the store.

Best cigar you’ll ever taste, 29th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Peter Giermek

It’s hard to believe a maduro can taste this good. Chocolate, nutty, and spicy to the core. Perfectly balanced. Makes all other cigars seem like child’s play. Truly my favorite Padron thus far.

90yr is a HOMERUN! Best price here at Corona, 17th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Steve Stone

This is the only place I buy these! Best price on the web.

I love all Padrons and this 90yr is one of my top 3! (40yr is my #1 and the 1964 Hermoso is #3 if you wanted to know)

Effortless draw. Perfect construction. Razor sharp burn.

Spicy pepper, leather, cedar, earth and I get Carmel on retro. This stick ramps up at the end for a nice finish that makes you want more!
I have had 50+ of these and they will forever remain nestled lovingly in my humidor.

They are ready to smoke from corona. I let mine acclimate to my humidor in Ohio for 2 weeks before I enjoy. But it’s not needed. Padron cigars are the best! Buy with confidence!

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