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Oliva Serie V Melanio

Oliva V Melanio Robusto Maduro Cigars

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The Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro is as complex as its name. This cigar has a blend of Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos carefully crafted to deliver a full body taste while maintaining an unparalleled smoothness. The Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro features a specially fermented Jalapa Valley ligero and a San Andres Maduro wrapper. This flavorful blend has subtle notes of dark roast coffee with hints of coffee, pepper, cedar and subtle spice that will keep you coming back for more.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua

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Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado, 13th Jun 2021

Reviewer: Curtis Ward

This aromatic stick produced a cold draw of wood, cocoa, moist earth, and dry hay. The initial draws were so surprisingly light, I checked to see if there was a hole in the wrapper. As strength increased there were spices, new wood, cedar, baked bread, a bit of freshly toasted coffee beans, and a hint of labdanum. There was a clean sweetness. In the second third, there was creaminess and new leather, with hints of caramel and salt. The tasted aromas were akin to walking into a brand new house. There was also some earthiness evocative of a moist wine vineyard after a sudden shower. The final third had somewhat bolder flavors with a hint of licorice. This well crafted piece had a few unnoticeable veins and the seams were nice and secure. The burn was very even with no canoeing or tunneling. My one and only complaint was the draw—this cigar tasted so good but the loose draw made me feel like I was chasing that taste, begging for it, striving to obtain more. The flavors were pleasant, smooth and clean with a finish of the same. No harshness or bitterness was to be found. This is easily an all day smoke one could enjoy without insulting the stomach. It is light enough to be enjoyed by a newbie but flavorable enough to be savored by a seasoned aficionado. It exuded a sense of class. This jewel was complex but very subtle with an interchanging flavor profile and an elegance in delivery. What a lovely production.

Personal rating: 97
Cigar Aficionado rating: 96. #1 Cigar of the Year, 2014

Robusto melano natural, 13th Jul 2020

Reviewer: Jeff Thomas

Well constructed, great aroma and draw. Slightly different complex flavors than the Maduro but truly enjoyable. Mellow from medium to full flavor with a transition of taste at the last half which will not disappoint. Another great offering by Oliva which is now my go to cigar.

Melanio Churchill Maduro is a flavor bomb, 11th Jul 2020

Reviewer: Jeff Thomas

Great look and aroma which will not disappoint. The draw at first was slow but after the first the third it opened up and delivered pleasing complex flavors. I was impressed and can’t wait to smoke another. Move over Padron 1964’s because I’ve found a truly grate enjoyable smoke.

Excellent cigar, 16th Jan 2020

Reviewer: Ronald Schacht

Box arrived on time. All cigars were in perfect condition. Promo discount and free shipping made the cigars an especially good buy considering what the cost of shipping and NJ sales tax might be.

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Aged to perfection, 21st Feb 2019

Reviewer: Brach Marker

Super dark chocolate wrapper. You can tell this is a phenomenal stick as soon as you see the wrapper almost glisten with the Nicaraguan oils. Very smooth smoke with very minimal harshness. Leather and you would swear that Someone put a chocolate bar inside. Excellent pairing with a americano coffee, or some sweeter whiskey ! 97* in my opinion

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Damaged Wrapper, 29th Jan 2018

Reviewer: Douglas Barrow

My three Oliva Serie V cigars in my order arrived with one cigar having a damaged wrapper. It appears to be minor but I will know better when I get around to smoking it.

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Love this stick, 11th Oct 2016

Reviewer: Jeff Messick

This is one of my favorite cigars. The order came quick, and they were a little bit dry after traveling through the mail. A week in the humidor and they smoke perfectly. I will definitely buy more of these

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