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Montecristo Nicaragua Series

Montecristo Nicaragua Series No. 2 Cigars

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The latest addition to the venerable Montecristo collection features 100% Nicaraguan tobacco. This medium to full-bodied smoke offers hints of caramel, coffee and aged leather with a slightly sweet finish. Crafted at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua in Esteli, Nicaragua, this series is a worthy addition to an esteemed brand. Order the Montecristo Nicaragua Series cigar today and get FREE DELIVERY when you spend $50 or more!

Strength: Medium to Full
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Origin: Nicaragua

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Nice Experience Smoke! Montecristo Nicaragua Series Robusto, 7th Mar 2020

Reviewer: Roderick Turner

Won't likely be disappointed with this stick. Great value for price paid and an enjoyable experience.
I would definitely do it again, but I usually stay in the $10 or less range. "The Frugal Cigar Smoker" Ha!
I'm no aficionado so keep that in mind.
You should know I smoke a number of cigars regularly and this one was excellent paired with an SA Cold Snap.
Flavors as described are pretty accurate though I did detect hints of cocoa throughout.

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Monte Nic over Davidoff Nic, 27th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

Hold the phone. The proximity of smoking the Davidoff Nicaragua and the Monte Nicaragua made me put up a post. Using my rules
1 Stogie; Great Cigar half the Price at any price
2 Stogie: In line Cigar for the Price Paid
3 Stogie: Above price grade at any Price
4 Stogie: Elite at any price
5 Stogie: The Old Friend

The Monte Nicaragua is well peppered and aged with a moist and full plume from spark to nub. It burns great, it tastes great... Compared to the Motne and the Fernandez (Three Stogies) it has that something extra.

When I say three Stogies (Monte / Fernandez) it punches up a weight class and smokes equally with more expensive, or commercial, cigars. Case in point and I hate going out of universe but Nicaragua v. Nicaragua i.e. Davidoff versus Montecristo - I will take this cigar over the David. Why? It has more full bodied personality, although smaller it fights above the class. After smoking this Nicaragua I'd have to put the Davidoff Nic as in line at Two Stogies. It is what you pay for.

The Montecristo Nicaragua is at worst comparable to Davidoff, but at half the price. It borderlines a Four Stogie Elite - but really settles in at a Three Stogie Five Star smoke. My baseline for Montecisto Four Stogie Elite is the Espada - a cigar with that next level of love and caring.

If you are into Nicaragua branded smokes - and you care about price and quality I'd go here on a five back, and save the Davidoff for later (and I am a huge Davidoff lover).

Montecristo Nicaragua = 5 Star 3 Stogie - time and a half what you could pay for a great, great smoke... the brevity will leave you coming back for another!

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