Liga Privada No. 9 Box Pressed Toro Cigars - Drew Estate Lounge Exclusive - Corona Cigar Co.
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Liga Privada No. 9 Box Pressed Toro Cigars - Drew Estate Lounge Exclusive

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This No. 9 is a Drew Estate Lounge Exclusivamente!

Drew Estate's Liga Privada is a traditional full bodied cigar that can go toe-to-toe with the best of full-bodied cigars. Liga Privada's intricate international blend of tobaccos comes from the finest growing regions in the world: a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a Brazilian binder and filler tobaccos from Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Liga Privada cigars offer full flavored notes of dark chocolate, espresso beans and a subtle pepper spice.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

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Updated review, 18th Jul 2021

Reviewer: James Kim

So Taylor from Drew Estate reached out to me after finding out the no.9 I smoked had a tunneling problem. After explaining what happened, Taylor said he would make it right. Oh boy did he make it right, thank you for this. Not many companies will stand behind their product like Drew Estate, and I am a true believer. I am very impressed at how they handled the situation and made things right. Now, THAT is a company I will stand behind and support. Thanks Drew Estate, you guys are kings.

I guess any crap cigar passes as a Liga Privada no. 9, 30th Jun 2021

Reviewer: James Kim

Cigar had huge veins all throughout the wrapper. The pack was weak, as you can see holes and gaps at the foot. I knew this was gonna be a tunneller from the start. Good draw, good smoke output, but the flavors taste like I am smoking it through a poop filter. Liga Privada is sadly a shadow of it's former self. 10 Years ago, they were THE go to cigar for many fans. Sadly today I was dissappointed, and hopefully this isn't a common theme, because I used to really love their line up. For the price they need to step up their game, because boutique cigars are taking over.

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Box press # 9, 10th Jan 2020

Reviewer: Christopher Thornton

Awesome cigar quality as always great service.

Dark smooth, 17th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Sal Servin

Salvatore' Servino'
Great cigar to relax with. Dark but tasty and smooth draw. Burns evenly and gets better as you enjoy.
Just ordered a Box. !!

Great Smoke, 7th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Chris Jones

This cigar is one of my favorites from drew estate. It is a great smoke. I get all of the notes that I love when I smoke this cigar. Full of spice and just the right amount of sweetness. Plus a great nutty flavor. If you purchase these you will not be disappointed.

Great cigar in this size, 28th Nov 2018

Reviewer: Matthew Greene

This is one of my favorite cigars anyway but the robust is the best. There is some special magic with this size.

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Disappointing, 28th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Peter Giermek

Unfortunately for all of the hype this cigar received, I’m shocked it was not very tasty at all. Dull, bland and not anywhere near where a $14 smoke should be. Don’t waste your money.

Great cigar, 15th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Keith Banet

As Good As It Gets

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Excellent smoke!, 4th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Wovoka Trudell

A nice, mildly spicy snd sweet, medium bodied draw, maintains its flavor and consistency completely through to the last draw. I definitely recommend this cigar, and will certainly be a repeat customer.

Go-to Cigar, 23rd Dec 2017

Reviewer: Wallace Lewis

Best cigar I've had and there is always a box in my home.

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2nd Best Cigar I've had., 10th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Brendan Mulligan

Very good stuff here. Beats the liga no. 9.

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Great Smoke, 26th Aug 2014

Reviewer: Daniel Allen

I've been wanting to try a Liga Privada #9 for a while so finally decided to buy two so I could smoke one with my dad. I found it to have a smooth, chocolaty consistency throughout the whole smoke. I thought it would have a bolder taste due to the rich brown wrapper, but it was more of a medium flavor the whole way through. Ash was uniform the entire time. A pleasure to smoke and looking forward to doing it again soon.

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Recommend!, 27th May 2013

Reviewer: Alan Wigder

Nice prelight draw and flavor, a couple of larger veins, really nice dark brown wrapper with some very dark brown mottling.
Mild sweet with some spice flavor on light.
Staying sweet, with chocolate and toasted nuts. A solid medium body. Burning fairly evenly.
Halfway through, very enjoyable and consistent. Spice and coffee, not as sweet as earlier.
Finishing up very smooth, consistent flavor, and even burn. Excellent smoke for any taste level.

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