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La Aroma de Cuba Churchill Cigars

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A few years ago, the La Aroma de Cuba brand was revived but this time, the cigar is being rolled in Nicaragua under the watchful eye of Don Pepin Garcia. La Aroma de Cuba’s full flavor, complex blend, and consistency made the cigar an instant hit among full bodied cigar smokers.

La Aroma de Cuba has a dark and oily, Connecticut Broaleaf wrapper, which is further strengthened by the Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos.

La Aroma de Cuba is a very rich cigar with flavors of earth highlighted by undertones of roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate. While the cigar is fuller-bodied in flavor, it retains a balance making it a smooth smoke with tons of flavor. While intended for experienced cigar smokers, La Aroma de Cuba is accessible to all.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Origin: Nicaragua

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La Aroma de Cuba, Monarch, 21st Jan 2021

Reviewer: Curtis Ward

Smells very good out of the box; rich smooth tobacco scent. When smoked the same smooth tobacco scent is present along with chocolate, cocoa and a hint of fine leather. There is also a hint of brown sugar and spices. I could detect a coffee bean scent and a bit of earthiness. An occasional scent of freshness, which I have also identified in indigenous Cuban Cohibas, wafted over my senses. I think this is a fresh cedar. This cigar is exceptionally made. It has a perfect draw and burns evenly; no canoeing or tunneling. The wrapper hugs the stick perfectly, never once attempting to unravel. A very fine and delicious cigar.

La Aroma De Cuba (El Jefe), 14th Apr 2015

Reviewer: George Thomas

This is one if the best cigars ever enjoyed, great full bodied with a clean even burn. Shared with a couple friends, all were impressed with this one.

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