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The Illusione 888 Candela has an earthy profile of flavor with slight nuances of grass and pepper. Flavors are consistent throughout the cigar, yet the cigar spikes in intensity about the midway point. Sometimes a slight creamy note becomes ever present while smoking but it doesn't stay around for long. The flavors of a Candela are a welcomed change from the norm of cigars in the present day.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Candela
Origin: Nicaragua

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Illusione 88 Robusto - NOICE!, 17th Nov 2019

Reviewer: Roderick Turner

Start to finish this stick was very pleasant. Aroma, flavor, construction (draw) were outstanding. Burned extremely well (longevity) and even, throughout my experience. This is a nice smoke and will be a new go to in my repertoire. Price to value and experience is an easy 5 star.

Great Smoke, 13th Nov 2018

Reviewer: Stephen Slavsky

The 888 has become one of my few go to cigars. It smokes smooth with taste that lasts to the end. No hot spots and great flavor.

Illusione 88 Candela Robusto, 5th Feb 2018

Reviewer: John Kiyonaga

Very nice cigar - lived up handily to its billing as a smooth, clean smoke with the distinctive sweet grass Candela undertone that I had not enjoyed since pre Sandinista Joya de Nicaragua. I have enjoyed thoroughly every one I've smoked and would offer one confidently to any of my most discerning friends. Well done.

Solid, 16th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Steven Mensh

A great cigar . To have in the rotation . I love having variations of Candela cigars in my overall mix of cigars

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Smooth smoke with great construction, 9th Mar 2017

Reviewer: Jim Gregory

It should be no surprise that a cigar from Casa Fernandez has great construction. In my opinion they are putting some of the best quality cigars on the market today, no matter the name they are gluing on the stick. Illusione is one of the better brands today. He focuses on profile and blend, not concerned about marketing or what the masses want. The result is a line of cigars that are well balanced and pleasurable.

The '888' Churchill is just that. Classic size, great construction, beautiful cap. Draw is just right, what I call a slight 'tug' when drawing. Not a wind tunnel. Looking at the foot shows a well packed cigar.

Burn is nice, not a razor but very respectable. Ash is white/grey and holds fast, no flaking. As I sit here writing this, I am smoking slowly...intentionally. I have no problem leaving it for two-three minutes and coming back to it. No relight necessary.

The 1st third has notes of cedar and a light/medium body. Smoke a plenty that coats the mouth. Into the 2/3 the cedar remains along with what I would say are sweet grassy tones. I expect this will continue in the final. My suspicion is that this cigar is rolled with minimal ligero. I wouldnt be surprised if this was blended similar to the Epernay line that uses no ligero..just a little is used here.

I will be buying 10 or so of these to keep and age. I think they will settle nicely in a year or so. The cigar smoked for this review was in my humidor for 60 days and kept at 65/65. I give it an 88.

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