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Gurkha Ghost

Gurkha Ghost Shadow Cigars

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The Gurkha Ghost is one of Gurkha’s most popular. A rich, medium bodied cigar rated a 93, it is crafted in the time honored tradition of the Dominican Republic, and is noted for having a very complex pallet of flavors that include hints of cocoa and cinnamon. The profile consist of sweet and earthy undertones. The Ghost is rolled with a proprietary blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan select fillers. They are skillfully bound with an aged Dominican Republican Criollo 98' binder and wrapped using a quality dark Brazilian Maduro wrapper. The cigar is made with superior quality, delighting connoisseurs with its ability to provide a consistent flavor from the first puff to the very last. A most excellent cigar that you are certain to enjoy time and time again!

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

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A Favorite, 1st Apr 2020

Reviewer: Mark Gary

Really good, smooth cigar. One of my favorites.

Remarkably Disappointed, 4th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Mark Fulco

When I received the cigars they were stiff and someone on the dry side. Okay, so put them in the humidor for a week, make that two weeks. Took one out, still stiff and leaning on the dry side (yes, I even took them out of the wrapper). The draw was not good, even pokered, still had to get it going with hard puffs. And I literally had to chop off an inch just so it could start drawing. I don't know how those guys got the tastes in the discription, but I didn't get any of those flavors. We'll see if I leave them in for another two weeks.

Good, Far From Great, 20th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Charles Henderson

Flavor profile was one of unusual herbs and spices such as roemary. This would have been nice if it was more pronounced. There was also a slight nutty woody flavor. The cigar smoke smooth after 5 minutes or so producing lots of great smelling smoke. Again this smoke did not translate to flavor.

Excellent Smoke, 20th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Anthony Simmons

This is an excellent smoke! Several hints of flavors that all work together to please. Nice construction and burn. I guess they call them Ghost because they are hard to find. Not many places carry these.

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Gurkha Ghost, 11th Dec 2014

Reviewer: Billy Anderson

One of the best cigars I have ever smoked for the money.

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