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Graycliff Originale Red PG Cigars

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The Graycliff Red Band Original bears a striking red and gold band and is reminiscent of Cuban cigars from the 60’s. Imagine a Cuban cigar aged for 20-30 years, very earthy, very smooth with a creamy base to the cigar and it is one of the best, if not the best, medium bodied cigar on the market. But what would you expect from the man who created the Cuban Cohiba.

Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Indonesian
Origin: Bahamas

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Rock Solid Sumatra, 30th Apr 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

To do a Greycliff review set I purchase the Buccaneer, Cheatu Gran Cru Salomone and the Avelino Lara Red. The Greycliff Red edition is rolled perfectly, dense and hearty. burn perfect solid. Before we get into the qualities, we reference the tape as stars are only for enjoyments sake.

One Stogie = Great Cigar Half the Price, Any Price
Two Stogie -= In Line at any price
Three Stogie = Above the Call, Above Price at Any Price by time and a hal
Four Stogie = Elite and any price
Five Stogie = The Old Friend

The Graycliff Red starts with healthy steady plume. It has a stocky profile - that much like the Buccaneer rings of Opus X on the initial burn and first hal semi-ripened leaf with strong of ginger & cedar... and honey notes for first inch or so. That rather quickly gives way to molasses or caramelized Okra, with cinnamon ginger and thicker more meaningful smoke. The nicotine picks up pace and the deeper notes further darken to the nub, almost Maduro. The nicotine continually increases thorough the duration of the smoke, although not near a Buccaneer, down to the nub. This cigar's Honey green, caramel cinnamon light ginger with cedar are impressive... The Graycliff Red punches up a weight class at $16 - exceeded my price expectations. The Red from the Greycliff Island is a Three star treat, scrumptious and tasty - and brief enough you consider lighting another..

Greycliff Red = 3 Stogie greatness and 4 Star enjoyable. Boom!

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