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God of Fire cigars were originally launched in 2004 in a spectacular Prometheus God of Fire Humidor, but like the god Prometheus, the Fuentes brought the Fire...or rather the cigar...to the people.

After the success of the 2004 release the Fuentes produced 5,000 God of Fire cigars available without the humidor making it more readily available to all smokers. Still very limited, the God of Fire was released in two versions – a Cameroon wrapper blended by Carlito and an Ecuadorian wrapper blended by Don Carlos.

God of Fire by Carlito is medium to full-bodied, with flavors of coffee bean and nuts and a wonderfully subtle hint of cinnamon spice on the nose. The draw and construction are perfect. God of Fire by Carlito received European Cigar Cult Journal's "Brilliant" award two years in a row.

God of Fire by Don Carlos is a beautiful, medium to full-bodied cigar with a dark oily wrapper. The smoke has a leathery, spicy flavor that is balanced and complex. Nutty flavors preceed the long finish.

Both God of Fire blends are two of the finest and rarest cigars produced today.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Origin: Dominican Republic

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carlito, 10th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Joshua Lawson

Tried both don Carlos and carlito. Carlito won the better cigar. Nice smooth burn. One you can enjoy without any worries. The smoke itself coming off isn't to harsh breathing in the aroma through your nose.

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It should really be 4.5 stars, 10th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Michael Corcoran

Having been smoking cigars now for over 55 years, and having settled in on several favorite Cubans as my "go to" smokes, when I first tried this cigar about 4 months ago, I was pleasantly surprised - especially since it was not a Cuban. Now I know, there are many non-Cubans finally hitting the market that are excellent (as I am discovering on a regular basis) but Fuentes has made this cigar (and I prefer the double robusto) a cigar I can easily qualify as one of my "go to" cigars. And as much as I hate to admit it (and perhaps because I am used to paying for Cubans) the cost seems about right. The flavor is enjoyable and mellow - not at all overpowering - all the way to the last 1/3rd. Give it a try - you won't regret it.

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Flavorbomb!, 9th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Adam Waynik

First, I feel that a cigar that merits 5 stars should be a cigar that one feels can get no better...therefore I don’t simply give a great cigar 5 stars, unless it’s the absolute best and feel that it can’t get any better.
What makes this a “great” cigar, is the spicy (in a good way) flavor that isn’t overwhelming, and the unique taste. If I was given 5 unbanded sticks and had to pick out the GOF Carlito, I would be able to do so 99% of the time. Last, consistency is a word that comes to mind when smoking these, I’ve never had a weak or just ok one, at least when it comes to this vitola....which I feel the Double Corona is the size to get. Definitely a “Box Worthy” cigar, even at $27 a single.

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