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Diamond Crown Maximus

Diamond Crown Maximus No. 3 Pyramid Sungrown Cigars

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Diamond Crown Maximus No. 3 Pyramid Sungrown Cigars are hand made in the Dominican Republic under the direct supervision of Carlos Fuente Jr. and his father, Carlos Fuente Sr. Diamond Crown Maximus cigars are made with specially aged Dominican filler tobacco and combined with a rare, top-grade Sungrown Ecuadorian wrapper tobacco grown in the El Bajo region of Ecuador.

The cigar's international blend gives the Maximus full-bodied, yet smooth flavors of earth, coffee bean, and a well-balanced undertone of cedar spice.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Sumatra
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Overrated!!!, 1st Jul 2013

Reviewer: Gerald Holmes

This was a nice cigar. Very smooth and very mild. I would not give it a medium rating at all. The flavors were good. Hints of cedar, leather, and later on a slight coccoa. However, for the price there are a lot of better cigars available. For the experience maybe try one, but a box......only if you have nothing better to spend meney on!

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