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Davidoff Special T Torpedo Cigars are hand made in the Dominican Republic with a complex blending of excellent tobaccos from up to four different harvests.

The Davidoff Special Series is medium in strength; however the Double R lends itself towards the full-bodied range. Davidoff Special Series are the most popular of the Davidoff line of cigars.

*Can Not Be Discounted*

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Tampa 2, 3rd Mar 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

If you know football you get the title. This is a light cigar smokers dream. If you are into cross brand comparison = Monte Cristo White series or in-brand Davidoff Churchill, this is probably a cigar you might really enjoy trying - but it has high altitude pricing syndrome.

Keeping things honest for in brand (Davidoff in this case) reviewing
One Stogie = Great Cigar Half the Price, Any Price
Two Stogie -= In Line at any price
Three Stogie = Above the Call, Above Price at Any Price
Four Stogie = Elite and any price
Five Stogie = Old Friend

There are far too many very, very good Davidoff cigars to go for at this price point. In fact there are far too many Cigars that beat this one at nearly at half the price. For me the wrapping and filling was loose, I assume by intention, that it felt like smoking a cigar while working in a tobacco field - than a fine cigar experience. I don't want my Davidoff to feel likes it was rolled by a juvenile apprentice. Further the looseness and the extremely light vanilla-ish range, lack of dynamic tones, gave this cigar a muted sensation that took almost to the label to get a good thick draw.

For the money go Aniversairo #3 or Milennium, maybe Churchill if you want to go light and creamy - just don't go here.

Davidoff Special T = 1 Stogie 3 Stars; decent enough smoke at half the price. Keep shopping.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Superb, 28th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Jason Richter

The Colorado Claro set of sticks from Davidoff is one of a kind.. rich, creamy and chocolatey with not even a hint of bite. What more could you ask for? Well I would personally love if these were more reasonably priced but that's Davidoff for ya. I think Corona's prices are highly competitive and if you're gonna buy a Davidoff you may as well get it from Corona since it's about as cheap as it's gonna get.

If you're not sure about Davidoffs and are thinking about experimenting with one then by all means grab a Special R. You won't be disappointed (save the pricepoint!)

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