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Corona All-American FSG Experimentals

Corona All-American FSG Experimentals Corona Gorda Cigars

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Corona Cigar Company All American FSG Experimentals are one of a kind, small batch cigars. These cigars are an essential part of the blending process, testing and training process for J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s new Tampa made, hand crafted, super premium American cigars.

Each cigar is 100% hand rolled in J.C. Newman’s iconic “El Reloj” factory located in historic Ybor City, Tampa. The unique Florida Sun Grown wrapper is extremely rare and grown exclusively on Jeff Borysiewicz’ FSG farm in Clermont, Florida. The binder and long filler tobaccos are a blend of American grown Connecticut Broadleaf and Lancaster, Pennsylvania tobaccos.

Every cigar has been pre-punched and draw tested to ensure quality and consistency while two Cuban-American master cigar rollers perfected the difficult task of rolling the thick and oily Broadleaf long filler tobaccos.

100% American Tobaccos - 100% American Made

Strength: Medium
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf & Lancaster, Pennsyvlania
Filler: Connecticut Broadleaf & Lancaster, Pennsyvlania
Wrapper: Florida Sun Grown
Origin: U.S.A

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Horrible, 16th Jul 2022

Reviewer: Erik Reifschneider

I tried two of the cigars and they were both horrible. As others have mentioned, the draw was poor. I had to do several touch-up lightings as the cigar burn was very uneven. They were both bitter and had a harsh taste. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on these. Put your money towards a different cigar at Corona Cigars.

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Great Cigar, 21st Jun 2021

Reviewer: Jay Crouch

Each time I get these experimental I am amazed. They are a beautiful cigar with a great pre-cut draw and smooth flavor throughout. I order these to treat myself off and on and love them.
Thanks FSG!

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Great Flavor, 10th Nov 2020

Reviewer: Daniel Perlstein

These are great cigars! I was very impressed with the flavor and construction. I am proud to smoke all American tobacco as well. They did a great job with these and I hope they keep making them.

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Experimental as expected, 21st Apr 2020

Reviewer: Greg Burleigh

Ok, first im from Pa and if you have never smoked an Amish cigar you have now.
I have smoked a few FSG from Drew and Davidoff, so the pepper bite is expected. The hard hit is the Pa broadleaf used, it has a heavy and bittter after taste. The soil in Pa is clay based so it needs alot of work to grow tobacco. The Conn should have smoothed it out but not enough.The cigars i smoked from this batch are what i expected, since i had allready smoked a JCNewman American beforehand. The draw was tight i do agree, so i V cut it and it improved greatly.
Remember this is the experimental that led to the American. They are a good lawn tractor smoke, working in the garage cigar, not a whiskey and fire relaxer.
Over all the draw was tight, the first half was very peppery and heavy. The next 1/4 leveled out and it finished nice. Ill decide after im done with this 10pk whether ill buy another or just get the finished product, the American.

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Corona experimentals, 9th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Jeffrey Dix

Hit or miss! Some had nice taste and draw but 50% have a draw too tight to be worth it.

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Terrible draw and not a great taste, 16th Dec 2018

Reviewer: John Gannon

Smoked the first one and found a terrible draw and a bitter taste. The second one I had a friend smoke one with me. Both were just as bad as the first. Quite disappointing. Decided not to even keep the rest and just gave them away.

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R Sadlowski, 10th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Robert Sadlowski

Tried two of these. 1st one was decent draw etc. But very bitter. Did not enjoy it at all. Second one was tough draw and even more bitter taste is thats possible. I was really hoping to like these. But, I'll throw then in the humidor for a year or so and see if they get any better

corona experimental, 7th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Jeffrey Dix

My first three out of a ten pack all have tight draws. One had a hole/crack in it, making the draw impossible, so I tossed it. High price for a bad draw. Taste is good though.

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Horrible Draw, 20th Jul 2018

Reviewer: James Pearson

I bought a 10 pack of Robustos, but both of the cigars I smoked had horribly tight draws. Too bad, cause I liked the idea behind them and it seems like it had good flavor. But a bad draw is totally unacceptable and ruins the night.

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All American,By Americans, 11th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Dennis M. DeRycke

Before purchasing I read all of the reviews on this cigar. Keeping in mind that cigars or like bourbon and wine. Everybody has their own taste that they appreciate and enjoy. With that being said I would say this is a solid cigar. It started off quite peppery but then smoothed right out in the first quarter inch. I do have to agree with some of the other reviews, a little more time in the humidor may greatly improve the taste although the initial taste is not bad. The draw was smooth and consistent throughout the cigar however it did need to be lit a couple of times. Remember folks this is experimental cigar. I am sure it will be perfected in the near future knowing the dedication and devotion of both Corona cigar and JC Newman. I will give them another review in a couple of months after they've had a little more time to cure in my humidor. I would recommend this cigar to other cigar smokers

FSG Experimental, 25th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Tom Stehlik

I like the fact that they are All American leaf. I don't like the draw or bitterness in some of them. And I don't like the price point ($12.00/stick). With a little tweeking this could be a decent cigar.

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Hit or Miss, 17th May 2018

Reviewer: Lawrence Loretoni

I have to agree with Thomas Householder. Like the FSG, this is a hit or miss cigar. When it is well constructed, it draws well and doesn't fight you; the flavor starts out very spicy, but mellows out about 1/3 of the way down. Unfortunately, good construction seems to be at about 40/50% of the 10-pack. When the construction is bad, it has little to no draw, and way too much bitterness. When you're charging $12 a cigar, the customer shouldn't have to hope for the best. Sorry, but I'll pass on these in the future. At least with my La Historias and Padrons, I know I'll get a good cigar 95% of the time.

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The Jury is Back In....., 9th May 2018

Reviewer: Thomas Householder

Have to go down to 2 stars here,....primarily because of construction. Smoked a few more of these and the draw is terrible. Got frustrated with both about half way through and just put them down. The flavor is different......(thus the experiment?)......but not unpleasant. With a bit of aging this could be a good cigar,...but they are gonna need better rollers.

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Enjoyed this Cigar, 7th May 2018

Reviewer: Anthony Adams

I enjoyed this cigar. It was definitely a departure from the typical cigars I smoke, a good departure. This experiment is a hit. I tuely enjoy the fact it's All American.

Better Than a Swisher Sweet, 3rd May 2018

Reviewer: John Boghos

This was okay. I was not overly impressed. I would not buy them again. Not because they were horrible but for the money, there are TONS of other sticks to smoke. The draw is too tight for me. And the mouth feel was odd. I get it - it's experimental. But it's a cigar so I smoked it all, so that says something.

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The Jury is Out..., 1st May 2018

Reviewer: Thomas Householder

I got wind of these cigars on Facebook. When I saw the name Newman I knew I had to know more. I have been a longtime fan of the Diamond Crown and Diamond Crown Maximus and had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Eric Newman at an event here in San Antonio a few years back. A very down to earth and likeable man. The quality of their cigars has always been superb so I was naturally interested and immediately ordered a bundle of the Corona Gordas. The first cigar was great.......albeit a very different flavor profile from the DC and the DC Max. It was well made giving a nice even burn with an easy draw. The second cigar would not draw at all. I could feel a very tight spot a half inch to an inch below the cap. It seemed to burn hotter and tasted a bit off. I struggled with it until it began to blow up on me and I finally discarded it. Eight more cigars to go. I will come back and give a follow up review when I have finished them all but so far we are at three stars. I fully recognize that this is an "experimental" and there is always one or two out of every box that you may have a problem with regardless of brand. I am hoping that cigar #2 was a fluke. Especially at $12 bucks a stick.

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