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Cielo Eros Cigars use a rich, coffee brown Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper and an all Nicaraguan blend of aged filler tobaccos. This gives Cielo lots of deep, complex flavors of coffee, leather, earth and spice but with a medium bodied strength.

Cielo cigars are hand made in Esteli at Tabacalera Perdomo. Over the years, Nick Perdomo has been expanding his tobacco growing operations in Nicaragua. This has allowed us to use even better quality tobaccos and not raise our prices in ten years. (We even absorbed the Federal cigar tax increase in 2009.)

Cielo cigars are one of my personal favorites from Nicaragua. We launched this brand back in 2001 and ten years later, Cielo is still going strong. One of the reasons for the popularity of Cielo is the great value and consistent quality this cigar delivers.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sungrown
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

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I'm a fan, 8th Jul 2020

Reviewer: Alexander Moore

Why am I leaving a review? Just a jo schmo.
Who knows?

I won't speak as to the construction, I enjoyed the flavors (just started retrohaling)- I thought all the reviews I saw, maybe I'd want the Apollo size, the Poseidon size is perfect for me. This will be my go to daily(ish) until something else comes along at this price point. I have the corona maduro nicaragua, haven't tried their dominican for the review that says buy the coronacigar co. ones (both are corona co but you know..)

my palette *My favorite is the Long live the king, 1st I tried aj hernandez then i tried mad mofo. The last 1/3 or less on both is this chocolate hazelnut almond mmmm. I dont wan't it to end

Smooth, 28th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Charles Pascu

This cigar brings back memories of my trip to Orlando and I love it. I got a box of 7 x 52's and I should have gotten 6 x 52. Draw is inconsistent but the flavor is smooth and tasty. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a good sungrown.

Cielo, 18th Apr 2016

Reviewer: George Halburian

Nice taste abundant smoke Med to full body low on strength flavor was nutty creamy consistent all the through got skittle hot last nub
Highly recommend would buy again

Excellent Smoke, 6th Jan 2015

Reviewer: Eddie Mendez

Notes of coffee and chocolate throughout the whole stick. Great draw and lots of smoke! I'll definitely be buying a box of these soon.

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Cielo is a very good cigar, 14th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Peter Hudson

Several things sold me on this cigar. Number one is that the cigar is a a mild to medium blend. The cigar is box pressed. The box is stunning to look at. Bryan Glenn from was wowed by the cigar. Most importantly. the cigar is made by Nick Peromo's factory - and I like anything he makes.

The cigar had a slightly snug draw on the pre-light, but that proved to be no problem once the cigar was lit. The cigar had a great smell, very nice construction and huge volumes of smoke came from the cigar. Ash was fine and held on to at least a couple of inches. The flavor profile stayed consistent all the way through - as do most cigars from Perdomo. This is a box of cigars I am glad I purchased and I would recommend them to anyone who likes mild to medium, box pressed cigars.

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Great Stick!, 1st Jul 2013

Reviewer: Gerald Holmes

Excellent stick for the price!! Started out with a pepper blast but quickly settled down to a creamy choclaty flavor. The draw was excellent and although the burn was not straight it needed no attention. Overall great construction, good flavors, great price! Grab some!!

A Nutty winner, 24th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Bryan K. Gravely

This cigar was pleasantly surprising. Construction was good and it smoked straight, no runs and a nice easy draw. I picked up just a hint of nuttiness that didn't overpower. All in all, it was a good smoke.

Not Good, 17th Jun 2013

Reviewer: perla De Solo

This cigar started off like it was going to be enjoyable but after the first 3rd it just went bland. Good smoke and decent burn, but not one I would try again.

Nice Sweet Smoke, 10th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

The cigar was well made with a darkish tan wrapper nice soft feel and a large double cap. Rich wet hay smell. It had a very cood draw and burn was great . The first third had a spice on the draw that went to a hay with a sweet finish . Second third lost the spice but the hay and sweetness was still their . It gave off lots of smoke Into the last third the spice would come and go with some leather mixed in . I let it go out at about 1" but i really didn't want to .. I really liked this one and have plans to get more. I think with some age this would be a 5 star cigar

Average, 10th Jun 2013

Reviewer: John Davis

I've smoked the Cielo brand before, and although not a favorite of box-pressed cigars it's good enough to try again. The draw was adequate throughout and the flavor was okay to the end.

Not my favorite, 6th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jason Schultz

I agree with most of the flavor posts above... And it was fine, in that respect. My main issue with it was the draw. I felt like I was trying to suck concrete through a straw. Like I said, otherwise, it was good. I'd smoke it again, if it was given to me, but not sure I'd spend money on it...

Cielo Poseidon, 6th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jerad Johnston

Nice construction, smooth wrapper. Foot had slight smell of ammonia, but the cold draw was sweet & smooth.
1/3: The first puff was rough, but it immediately turned to sweet & smooth. The draw & burn were perfect.
2/3: Leathery & creamy flavors, with thick white smoke. The burn was still perfect.
3/3: A spiciness appears, but only on the retrohale. The burn got a little wavy but always corrected itself.
Started to get really hot with 1.5" left and started to make my tongue burn, so I put it down. Not a bad smoke at all.

Not bad, but not great, 4th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Bruce Larson

Uneven burn, but a good draw a medium flavor with a moderate spice, that gets bolder as the smoke gets to end. A pretty pronounced after taste that lasts, Leather, earthy, and spicy notes. A medium to bold smoke...

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Perfect Stick for a Daily Smoke, 1st Jun 2013

Reviewer: Chuck Mackarness

Pre burn: good looks, nice color. Nice spicy aroma. A firm feel, but forgiving. Box pressing done well.

Burn: not a smoke to have with your best scotch, maybe a beer. Spicy and sweet, but evolves into a bit strong and bite at the nub. Nearly impossible to keep an even burn, must touch up often.

Old box?, 31st May 2013

Reviewer: Corey Carroll

The box pressed Cielo didn't offer me much. It was wrapped loosely and burned quickly. The flavor was very mild, but very ashy. I couldn't distinguish much other than that. For the price, Corona's own cigars would be a much better choice.

Not the Best, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: J.m. Krasnianski

Started out harsh then mellowed out without that much flavor got better towards the end. Good fishing or grass cutting smoke.

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Cielo, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

Decent looking wrapper, slight box press. Good draw, not a lot happening with flavor. okay smoke.

Cielo Poseidon, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Venier

Nice smoke if your time is short. Like the box press and size. A little sweet and spicey.

Decent, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: J.m. Krasnianski

Started off I thought harsh. Began to smooth out and became a fair cigar. The last third was terrific. First 2/3 OK. Type of cigar I think the more you smoke of them the better you like them.

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Great budget cigar, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Chris Connelly

This cigar burns great all the way through. It does lack the taste and flavor of a good cigar, but that is also why it is a couple of dollars less per stick. I keep some of these in my humidor share with friends when they come over. All in all this cigar is not bad by any means, I'll definitely keep buying.

Cielo, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Tyler Donelson

Good cigar, decent flavor, smooth, just nothing that stands out spectacularly.

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Something sweet is always nice., 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Tim Davis

There is a natural sweetness to this stick that I enjoyed very much. The stick I had was box pressed and those are always very easy smokers as well as an even burn.
The flavors themselves come across to be very distinct and are very very nice. A great stick for someone who seeks something milder with a lot of flavor.

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Good however ..., 27th May 2013

Reviewer: Ron Thomas

A little too tightly packed, making it take some effort to draw. Not very flavorful, just middle-of the-road.

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Cielo, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: Dwight Zeissler

Started mild with lots of spice. Became a bolder and fuller body half way thru. Carried the ash well. Made for an quick enjoyable smoke.

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Mix of Flavors, 24th May 2013

Reviewer: Paul Pent

Draw and burn were perfect. Love the box press. Started off a little peppery but quickly turned into complex flavors of chocolate and coffee.

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NOT CLOSE, 23rd May 2013

Reviewer: Max Szobonya

Has some flavor, but not long lasting. Has a poor draw and this leads to a poor finish.

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