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CAO Flavours Petite Tubo Eileens Dream Cigars

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Take a puff, close your eyes and float away on the decadent flavors of CAO Eileen’s Dream. It begins with a mild Dominican blend and a spicy Cameroon wrapper, which are then infused with premium Irish whiskey, coconut milk, frothed cream and delicately sweet white chocolate truffles. One of the best tasting cigars available anywhere; it is surreeeeeally good!

Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Cameroon
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Top tier flavored cigar!, 19th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Brandon King

Always been a fan of CAO, but had never tried the flavors line. Though some purists may disagree, I love a good flavored cigar (if it tastes good, I'm gonna smoke it). Never been a fan of the overly complex Acid cigars, and had heard these were very simple and smooth so thought I'd give them a shot. Was not disappointed in the least bit. Quite possible the best infused cigar I've ever tasted. VERY smooth and VERY creamy. Very mellow bourbon flavors, and distinct vanilla. Not sure what the exotic fruits are, but can taste a somewhat citrusy blend. Definitely worth a try!

Doesn't get any better than Corona Cigar!, 31st Dec 2018

Reviewer: Ron Garrison

From top to bottom, the best cigar company! I have turned three other people on to them. Fair pricing, great inventory and great customer service. The USPS could use some training from the folks at Corona Cigar.

V Nilla!, 23rd Mar 2018

Reviewer: Ricky Freeman

Shipping's always fairly fast, package is always above average, and service Top Notch!

This smoke lacked what I was looking for, good just not my cup of tea!

If you're a Vanilla Cigar pep, it's worth a try!

Excellent Smokes, 19th Feb 2015

Reviewer: Mark Mader

Service was fast and shipping was better than I expected. Packaging was supreme. The Moontrance have a taste so good you could almost eat them. I love them. I will buy these again. ~ Mark Mader

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Great, 21st Mar 2013

Reviewer: Roger Ely

Just what I expected, and they are much cheaper than buying singles. They're also way better than any other flavored smoke brand on the market. Buy some!

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