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2021 is a very special year for us because it marks the 25th anniversary of Corona Cigar Company. To celebrate this twenty five year journey, Cuba’s Nelson Alfonso of Selected Tobacco and United Cigars created two Limited Edition Atabey and Byron humidors featuring 25 unique, limited edition cigars made exclusively for Corona Cigar. Each luxurious, custom designed humidor comes with a hygrometer and humidifiers to keep these very special cigars in perfect smoking condition.

The custom Atabey humidor features 25 “Misticos” (6” x 56) cigars which features over 7 years of post-roll age from the 2013 vintage production and has long been Jeff’s favorite vitola. The undisclosed blend of decade aged tobaccos and golden shade tobacco wrapper give the Atabey Corona 25th Anniversary cigar an amazingly smooth yet extremely complex, flavorful smoke.

The custom Byron humidor features the beautifully shaped Byron Venecianos (6 ½” x 56 Torpedo) covered in a rich, dark Ecuadorian Vintage Habano wrapper that is made available exclusive to Corona Cigar. The undisclosed, well aged tobacco blend creates a full bodied, full flavored smoking experience reminiscent of a pre-embargo cigar.

“We celebrate moments in our lives and this one is very special to the Corona family,” said Jeff. “We have admired all of Nelsons work in the global luxury cigar industry and are honored to have him be a part of our 25th Anniversary.”

Oliver Nivaud of United Cigars stated, “Nelson’s packaging design influence has touched the industry on a global scale and these 25th Anniversary humidors for Corona Cigars are for the history books.

Both the Atabey and Byron cigars feature a personalized ‘Corona Cigar Co. 25th Anniversary’ band to commemorate this special occasion. These limited-edition cigars are only available at Corona Cigar Co. retail locations and online. There are only a total of 250 Atabey and 200 Byron humidors available.

Box purchases of Atabey or Byron Corona Cigar 25th Anniversary cigars includes a 2ct Set of Corona Cigar Glencairn Whiskey Glasses.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Origin: Costa Rica

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Excellent!, 22nd Oct 2021

Reviewer: Nathan McCann

Atabey has quickly become a cigar I crave. I haven’t had one I didn’t enjoy! The construction and burn are always perfect. Light, yet complex flavors. Retro the whole thing!

Great Stick!, 20th Apr 2021

Reviewer: Sam Tomassi

Very impressed with the Atabey Spiritus! I am primary a CC smoker and can honestly say this is a great stick! Its clear to me that these were created with great respect to the Cohiba Behike and starting with the band, the connection to the Behike and Atabey in the spirt world, the quality construction, high quality wrapper and pigtail cap. I am by no means saying these are as good as Behike but I saying they are similar in some ways and the Atabey was as smooth as any cigar I have smoked period. Now is the taste "your thing" I guess you will decide but get several Cuban sour and hay tasting notes for sure along with cream, light pepper, and toasted nuts. Will keep a few around for sure!!

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What happened to Atabey, 21st Mar 2021

Reviewer: Mario Lazo

Atabey used to be very nice and smooth cigar. Now they taste like a 5dlls cigars, sour and burn flavor. So disappointed

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Wow what happened, 3rd Feb 2021

Reviewer: Scott Walker

I’m a regular Atabey Benitos smoker. I bought these thinking they would as good. A VERY hot cigar. Has a wonky burn and the taste is not up to standard. Very very very disappointed

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Awesome Smoke Super Smooth..., 4th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Gabriel Cozza

If you like strong overbearing smokes these are not for you, on the other hand if you like a mild to medium stick these are the best I've ever had, super smooth and earthy with a bit of spice at the last third of the stick, reminds me of a Cuban. You get what you pay for but worth the cost.

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Can’t believe it, 29th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Peter Giermek

For $33 you’d assume you’re going to receive even better than your regular $15 Padron. Nope. This cigar was as tasteless as $4 Connecticuts I have smoked from different manufacturers. I was hoping for silky smooth, instead of smooth it was just plain tasteless and too much oak flavor. Not well done at all. No spice pr complexity. Don’t waste your money. I smoke Padrons for a living - this isn’t even on the same plane.

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Better By Far, 2nd Sep 2018

Reviewer: Jack Cordoves

It’s not even close. This is a silky smooth smoke from beginning to end. Worthy of the price range. This is a mild to medium stick and very reminiscent of a Cuban stick. I started with a 5 pack and while I was on my 4th I purchased a box of 25. A week later and I’ve smoked 6. I’ll truly by again and anxious to try other cigars from Select Tobacco.

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Great Combination Atabey/Corona Cigar, 1st Sep 2018

Reviewer: Jeff Stein

I will definitely purchase again!
Atabey Ritos offers a different level of the cigar smoking experience. The more experience, the more appreciation for the artisanal quality of this product.
The cigar is the epitome of smooth. Each one smoked has been exactly the same from flavor profile to flawless construction and burn to the nub.
Purchasing from Corona was also flawless, and enjoyable experience from beginning to end.
Thank you!

Fantastic Flavor Great Smoke, 9th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Antonio Bayron

Went into the store in Tampa, asked the guys for help and they steered me to this cigar. Origin is not disclosed but thought most likely of Cuban tobacco. Needless to say for the price of one cigar I thought, it hopefully would be good. In fact better than I expected, good smoke, good flavor that lasted from beginning to end. I plan to buy more and possibly a box also. Not the cigar you would pass out to everyone but your own secret staff or for close friends.

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