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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 2 Cigars

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Known as the “Pride of the Fuente Family” the A. Fuente Don Carlos cigar is no stranger to full flavor. This medium body cigar is world renowned for its rich flavor and rare vintage tobaccos that have been hand selected to go into all Don Carlos cigars.

The filler and binder tobacco is Dominican and the wrapper is an aged Cameroon wrapper, which gives the Don Carlos cigar a creamy and leathery finish with a slight spice. Consistency is something Carlos Fuente Jr. has strived to be known for and it really shines in the Don Carlos series of cigars.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Cameroon
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Don Carlo !!!!, 15th Nov 2019

Reviewer: Yifeng Yin

One of the greatest mid-body smoke I ever had, definitely gonna buy again. the wrapper is cracked due to my over humidified humidor but this smoke turned out to be an amazing experience. and the price is unbelievable, Great overall

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Nice Experience Smoke!, 10th Nov 2019

Reviewer: Roderick Turner

Really enjoyed this smoke in all aspects from start to finish, aroma and construction. Nice experience smoke. Then again it's an Arturo Fuente and it's what they do, consistently. Paired with chilled SoCo 100.
I did see a few reviews comparing to an Opus X and personally I noticed minimal similarity and would not give it that endorsement. At 1/3 the price it IS a great value and experience for the price paid. Would definitely do it again. Cheers!

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Doc m, 28th Apr 2019

Reviewer: Tim Marion

Exquisite!! Perfect stick. Completely enjoyed with 2002 diplamatico rum. I will add this stick to my home collection and snjoy for years to come.

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Amazing Stick!, 5th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Ethan Dye

Smooth, creamy, mild - a perfect touch of everything. This stick is amazing - pair with a sweeter whisky and its heavenly!!!

What I expected, 18th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Harold Franke

Price could be better but this is a quality stick.

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Perfect, 25th Jul 2018

Reviewer: William Grant

This is an amazing smoke. They’re a perfect paring for an after dinner cocktail.

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Excellent smoke, 3rd Oct 2017

Reviewer: John Lubinski

My favorite cigar

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Outstanding Cigar!, 6th Nov 2014

Reviewer: James Trinka

Cigar Aficionado certainly got this one right with its #6 ranking in 2013 and 94 rating. I would rate higher and agree with Paul that it's better than Opus X.

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Very, very good, 9th May 2013

Reviewer: Paul Carlo

The Don Carlos series is wonderful. I would take one of these over an Opux X any day of the week.

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