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Classified as a "classic old fashioned cigar", Aladino cigars truly live up to the statement. Created in the Eiroa Tobacco Farm in Honduras, these cigars are true Corojo with medium strength so that they can be easily enjoyed. The sizes created were made to represent 'The Golden Era' of cigars made in Cuba which was from 1947-1961. If you enjoy a classic cigar with wonderful flavors then the Aladino is perfect for you.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Corojo
Origin: Honduras

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More than I expected, 1st May 2019

Reviewer: Shawn Kinley

This was the first time I heard about this cigar and watching your video review of it and hearing the story behind I just had to try it. Well I was blown away at how good this cigar was. I liked that it was straight forward and I consistent flavor. I will definitely be getting more of these.

Best discovery in a while, 8th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Norris Fox

Good strong Cigar. These and Eiroas, apparently two brothers and both great brands.

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