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Acid Subculture Beach Cigars - This is my favorite Acid Subculture cigar from the revolutionary cigar maker Jonathan Drew. Made exclusively for Corona Cigar Company, these limited production cigars receive and extra year of aging. This gives ACID Beach a refined herbal aroma that is pleasant and enticing. Acid Beach is perfect if you enjoy a mild to medium bodied cigar with a slight sweetness.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Cameroon
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

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A great smoke, 18th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

Beach has to be my favorite of the Acid line of cigars. Smooth, clean even burn. Fans of infused cigars, this is a must try.

The best infused cigars on the planet, 27th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Ella L Williams

Acid Subculture Beach is a beautiful cigar with botanical flavors and sweet tobacco. If you can appreciate infused cigars Acid by Drew Estate are the best. The aroma and flavor is exquisite. This one did not disappoint. Love it!

ACID Beach, 24th Jul 2017

Reviewer: Ellden Williams

This is a great cigar has a nice burn nice draw the wrapper is tight not cheap o by the way Full of Favor!!!!!! I will be filling my order asap. Thanks to the support team at Corona Bar in Orlando Fl great group of people. If ever in Orlando check them out the Spot is nice. E Williams 912 Sav,Ga.

g2duffer, 5th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

My favorite Acid, smooth, very smokable and enjoyable

Beach is the best Acid!, 3rd Jun 2016

Reviewer: John Fahy

i wait every summer for drew estates to put out this seasonal cigar. Smooth draw, no bitter after taste and a nice finish with a good IPA! Problem is your friends like em so much your case goes fast!

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Best Acid Yet!, 18th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Timothy Miner

I like a whole lot of the Acids and have set-up a 125 count (full btw) humidor just for them. Like many of the Acids this one has a flavor I just can't quite grasp. Whatever it is they have managed maintain a good bit of traditional cigar tobacco taste along with the delectible infused flavor. The combination is just perfect. Only sorry I had room enough to buy 10 more.

A touch too sweet, 24th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Michael Winchester

If you are a fan of infused cigars with a full draw and smooth burn, this is a great choice. I prefer a more mellow connecticut versus such a sweet cigar. I would certainly have one again, just not sure if I would buy a whole box.

Not My Style, 23rd Jun 2013


While not a big fan of flavored cigars I decided to smoke this till the end just to see. While I am still am not a big fan of the flavored world I found this to be an excellent example of this genre. Burn was even with a very sweet & spicy taste. Draw was excellent. If your into flavored then this might be your cup of tea, if you're not then don't bother.

Not a fan, 18th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Keith Chiavetta

Drew Estate makes some great cigars that I thoroughly enjoy. I'm not a fan of flavored cigars. Despite that, I tried it. It burned evenly but I had trouble enjoying it given the sweet vanilla taste. I have tried Kuba Kuba and Toast but this line of flavored cigars are not for me.

Pleasantly surprised, 10th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Drew Lyons

Being a relative newbie to the cigar world....and being part of our podcast cigar show smoke a lot of cigars and dont have a pallet for just the "traditional" smokes...
This Acid Beach was honestly my first in the Acid Drew Estates Javas but this is a new has its place in my humidor.
The stick itself is fantastically constructed....light veins, nice firmness and a pre lit aroma of vanilla.ish florals that was intriging.
The first draw after lighting was sweet and very powerful..loaded with rich heavy smoke and very sweet. As the smoking continued..the flavor mellowed and the quality of the tobacco came thru and really was enjoyable. I paired it with my Cruzan Rum and coke and sitting on the patio..while turned out to be a nice refreshing smoke that was anything but mat not be for everyone..But..I think everyone should give it a too..may be surprised.

Not what I look for in a cigar, 5th Jun 2013


I can definitely see why some people would like this cigar. But for me, I like cigars that taste like good tobacco. I can't get past the "infused" idea, that these cigars have a lot of additives to make the flavor. I like tobacco. But I suspect that I would have liked being in the room while someone else smoked it.

Sensory overload, 4th Jun 2013

Reviewer: David Waddle

This cigar hits all the right flavors. Unlit, the smell is like spicy foral and earth. The taste is vanilla, coffee and bakers chocolate. When lit the burn of the filler is velvet smooth and adds just enough bitter to balance the infusion. A truly unique smoke experience.

Not for Me, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: Stephen Schmidt

I'm a bit more traditional in choosing my cigars. Generally not a fan of the sweetness.
Well built with a clean, full draw. It seemed to be a fairly mild smoke and I'm sure it will be attractive to some.

Cotton Candy, 22nd May 2013


Not a fan of infused cigars. First puffs were like smoking Cotton Candy. Way too sweet. As the cigar burned the sweetness toned down but the botanicals picked up. The burn was even and consistent and never needed a relight. Good draw and construction. Just like there are wines and beers for different tastes, there are cigars for different tastes. This one is not for me.

Nice addition to the humi, 20th May 2013

Reviewer: Jason Schultz

A nice smooth smoke. Similar to my fav "Kuba Kuba" but different at the same time. Will be adding more of these to the humi. For reference - my non-smoking girlfriend came out onto the balcony while I was smoking this, liked the aroma of the smoke, and ended up stealing my cigar!

Great Smoke, 17th May 2013

Reviewer: Steven Whitley

The smell of this cigar is very different but pleasant. It has a good draw and even burn with no after taste when finished. This is a great cigar to smoke down to the very end because it is most enjoyable.Good Buy!!

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Incense, 17th May 2013

Reviewer: Paul Pent

Just like an ugly dog, i'm sure this cigar will find someone to love it. If you like the smell of incense, you may like this cigar.
Burn and draw? Who cares? It smells and taste bad. Not for real cigar lovers.

Just Beachy, 16th May 2013

Reviewer: Patrick Meridieth

Very nice cigar once you get past the Acid botanicals whetting your mouth. Well constructed with an even burn. The cigar filler is quite good but the "Acid Taste" must be acquired. Good choice for those rare times you want something sweet with your scotch!

Not for me, 16th May 2013

Reviewer: Alan Wigder

I've smoked Acids and despite the aroma, I did enjoy it, so I wasn't put off by the Beach. Until I put it in my mouth. The wrapper is unnaturally sweet. Like saccharine.
The construction is good, lightly veined. The wrapper color is fairly uniform, and I forced myself to check the draw, which was excellent. I just couldn't take the cloying sweetness.
This just isn't for me.

j.m.k., 14th May 2013

Reviewer: J.m. Krasnianski

I'm from the old school. Beer is supposed to be beer not made with Blueberries, Pumpkin and other fruit flavors. Cigars are supposed to be mild,medium or full ! I know people who think these cigars are the greatest
things since sliced bread. Very well made and a real soft oily type wrapper. Not my cup of tea. Vanilla flavor with a Vanilla aroma. Has a very strong following.

Easy Does it, 14th May 2013

Reviewer: David Elson

Very smooth draw. Unusual flavor. No "bite". Well worth the time to relax with this one.

Beach is Best, 26th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Keith Cain

I love this smoke. It is sweet and spicy all at once with a smooth taste that just relaxes me.

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